2018 Resolutions

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I love New Year , I love looking forward to the days becoming longer again, the sun shining more, the beginning of new growth and the idea of this whole expanse of time before me to decide . I like thinking about what the most important aspects I want to bring in more or create.


We are creators of our own reality . I have had some time away, meditating and exploring and have cleared my mind to focus . My thoughts are brighter.


My New Years Resolutions

1. Have more Fun Laughter, Fun, Laughter, Fun Laughter

2. Spend EVEN more time down the coast.

3 Go back to Ibiza even longer time this time and share this amazing island with my guests 

4. Borrow a few dogs lol , as I cant have my own yet 🙁

5. Keep writing my book  

6. Get out into the country parks even more

7 . Hang out more and chill with my friends and family

9. Do my yoga training

10. Develop the retreat “!!!!!! WHATS YOURS!!!!