Become the Master of Your Life

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Become the master of your own universe!

The many ways to improve your mental health and wellbeing – Physical -Mental – Emotional – Spiritual – Environmental. The more you start to take responsibility, the more you become a master of your own life.
But where do you start! You start with what area currently works for you. If diet and exercise are your things then you might consider this area, if you like the esoteric and spiritual world, then you start there. If you’re a logical person you might like tools, research and only consider things that have some evidence to them. If you’re a heart-centered emotional person, you might want to go to new groups that do personal development so that you can connect with people.

Below are some of the areas that you can consider that you can implement in your current life. Notice the areas that are working, where you feel good and then choose where you can add more value.
If you’re currently be experiencing stress, disharmony, illness, dissatisfaction, disillusionment or just a sense that there is more.

You might have already had some glimpses of how life can be. For many, these are peak experiences; this is where you get a taste of something but might not be ready to follow those impulses or flashes of thought. Sometimes we ignore these flashes for ages when if we slow down for a little while and tune in, these can give us significant clues, sooner, to how life can be.

As humans, we are meant to learn, grow, expand and evolve, and sometimes we don’t recognise the signs that show we are blocking this process. People did always realise that what they set out to do and achieved was a phase in life and that they have grown and ready for new things, people or activities.

For some people the signs are small, it’s a slight irritation, and for others, life can feel overwhelming. Nagging doubts and feelings have evolved into uncontainable overwhelm.

Steve Nobel writes in his book on Transitions , Personal-Transitions-Beyond-Comfortable (on Amazon) very well about how these feelings when ignored can turn into significant rumblings.

Overwhelm is not good for anyone, therefore when in that state you need your emergency tool box; A therapist, helpline, support, a friend, some practical advice, and information -to help you reduce those feelings and see some light at the end of the tunnel.

To expand and grow and move from feelings of boredom, unease or dissatisfaction you need to take a proper look at what’s going on right now.

It means doing an inventory of where you are now, how far you have traveled, what used to please you but now doesn’t. You then decide to release yourself from what no longer serves you.

You also need to create some space (mentally and physically ) for new experiences people and opportunities, find what aspects of life please us, make us feel the passion and learn to love what we do but most importantly who we are.

Meditation can be beneficial with this – It helps calm the mind, give you some focus on your breath- your life force- and create a space in which your inner knowing and guidance can be heard.

We need to remove ourselves from the noise of life in regular intervals.

For some people that mean taking a trip, for others, it’s a weekend with the phone off and no obligations where you can rest and ponder.

There are some excellent tools that you can use to start this process. Once you give yourself permission to look and review, you will begin to get some insights and crumbs of new information will appear.

You can explore the wellbeing areas below or download a coaching tool called the coaching wheel. This tool helps you look at the different areas of your life and how satisfied you are in each area. So you might score between 1-10, ten being very satisfied and one being very dissatisfied. Then you take a look at each area and wonder what the cause of the dissatisfaction is.

This is where you might also uncover your thoughts and feelings and the beliefs that sustains them. Sometimes that’s what we need to look at or the underlying fear that if you move on what or who will you become!

Starting to think about where you are, what areas you love and why, gives you a start point in which to build on. Then you can try other activity’s, that help you develop greater satisfaction more and more of the time. I will write more about these in different sections.

So consider your wellbeing, what you can do to enhance it, make a list of small actions to add each day and then review each week to see what you did that helped improve how you felt.

Download a coaching wheel and draw on the various areas of life and see which one needs the most attention now. Write down the small things you can do right now.

if your feeling overwhelm then take steps to reduce it, then you can start to think on your own or with someone’s help how you can make some small adjustments, especially if your in a very rocky period.

If your feeling lost, and cannot decide what to do next, or where to go then slow right down. Relax and trust when you stop trying to search, mentally or physically small bite-sized pieces of inspiration will occur.

Your meant to live and love life and experience joy satisfaction and happiness. Pay attention and see what surprising insights you will have to help you towards this. Done let your excuses get in the way.

All for us can do small things each day to become masters of our own universe.