HEART FULL LIVING By Tom Evans -Introduction to the tools to help us grow and expand

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During my years of work, I’ve come across many psychological, spiritual and alternative theories and tools. All designed to help people clear the past, deal with the now and create a better future.

In psychotherapy, our role is to help people find a way to discuss their concerns and allow new insights to emerge. Some models expect you to sign up for a while. Other models state that you can make big changes and alter your life course within a few sessions. I don’t advocate any are wrong or right, humans are to diverse too ascribe one way.

We need different things at different times of life. For example, when my son was small he was very sick. The theory that most applied was Maslow’s basic ideas of human needs. What was paramount at that time, was being able to manage daily life. Paying the bills and shopping was all we had energy to do. We were just managing the fear of his deteriorating health and needs.

Thankfully after several life-threatening illnesses he is fit and healthy now.

When my mother was very ill for 9 again, we had to go back to basics. We needed family support, love and help with the practical things. When she died I was managing feelings of overwhelm. I needed someone to help me move through it. I could not get lost in it or be afraid. But i wanted someone strong, not caught up in their own fragility.

Some seek help to discuss some of the deeper topics that sends many of us in a spin. Others help us examine our beliefs and decide what is now fits. We might start to think about the future and changes we want . Having help and the tools can help you work it through.

if you want to find a counsellor/therapist please go to BACP.com. If you want a life coach, who can help you design the life you want, then please see the coaching directory or NLP practitioner websites.

If you would like to add more movement into your days, the go to the DailyOM or other internet sites (look for beginners if new and get a check from your GP if you have had health issues).

There are also a number of alternative approaches available to improve both your mental physical and spiritual wellbeing (others are on other parts of this website). If you would like to try meditation and experience the benefits of it ,then go to Insight Timer or  tomevans.uk webpage. He has many different types of meditations that you can try for free, as well as courses available.

If you want to increase your skills or knowledge on a subject go to Udemy. I love that site as it has so many different courses you can try for a reasonable cost.

Over time in the services section I will introduce more of these to you. The blogs can focus on specific things, like managing feelings, anxiety, depression, change, transition and relationships.

The course I’ve chosen to write about was created by Tom Evans. Tom, The Bookwright, is an extremely talented ,yet humble man who has years of research up his sleeve. His course spoke to my desire to get out of my head and my analytical skills and reach inside my heart more. The 15-day Heart-full Living program will activate your Heart Centre and as a result, you will be introduced to a new way of being, thinking and doing. (it’s available on a pay-what-you-like, or energy exchange, basis)

I also chose this course as it has the components that add impact. Meditation and Mindfulness, powerful brain entrainment music, hypnotic tones, Tom’s voice, well-crafted words, visualization and more, all very powerful life changing ingredients.

I started the course before I went on my trip to France (beginning of September 2018) as my feelings of fear and anxiety had increased. My Ego wanted me to stay in the same space ( staying safe)  yet my heart desired new experiences and a break from the norm.

I wanted to explore if it was something that could help me tap into my heart space and heart desires.

Yes, I have trained as a therapist and worked for years in mental health, but it doesn’t mean that those of us in the field are immune from challenging  feelings. We know it’s something, like other life experiences that we can also be exposed to.   But it’s not what we experience it’s how we respond to it and the meaning we ascribe to it that matters.

During change and transition many of us can opt to stay the same. Doing the same things over and over even though some of it may no longer satisfy us .We might not really know where to go next and what to focus on. SO we might need to try something new, gather a different focus and allow the waves of transformation to begin to carry us.

Of course, everyone’s path is different, and we may seek different things. If your reading this and slightly intrigued then you have nothing to lose than give it a go. Don’t put off those inner stirrings, they help you to expand. So that life brings more abundance, joy and happiness, something we all deserve. Let me and Tom know how you get on. In the meantime, watch an intro video or try some of Toms meditations on his site, many are free.