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I’m passionate about helping people learn some basic tools and techniques to help them in their daily life and also help them track how these things that when applied make impact. Its by trialling the different things on offer and noticing how it affects you that enables you to develop awareness of what helps, what doesn’t and how to develop this so that you are able to do several things such as – develop self healing , lower resistance , create awareness, strengthen what works ,clear what doesn’t and build your intuition and self governing behaviours.

To build up the momentum  means rather than having highs and lows, life feels more balanced and you begin to open up to the things that you would like to experience more of or time to fit in.

I am able to access a range of tools and techniques brought forward from my 20 years of practicing as a clinician, healer and teacher -using the various models to bring about internal and external adjustments .

This is a new drop in meditation and personal development class and the next class starts in September Date TBC  at Time TBC at a venue TBC in Burnham and Oxford areas

This class will be aimed at people who want to come to a space where you can release the day to day stressors, learn tools and techniques to manager daily life and if desired bring about change and transformation.

Each class is themed using a simple meditation techniques perhaps breath, or  visualisation such as colour or energy to relax us into stillness.
There is also an opportunity to share what emotions or experiences you are having that you would like to alter, transform ,uplift or change with some techniques you can take home and apply daily .


This class contains many of the components used in the classes below and some new information

I also practice a range of spiritual modals ,however this class to teach or align anyone into a particular tradition or philosophy . You have the choice to believe and live in a way that resonates with you .

if you have any health issues please make sure these are checked out with your GP and that you are ok to do some deep relaxation, meditation and breath work .

please let me know what health issues you have on your first visit .First visits will be £5. Usual price is £10 however I will keep a number of spaces for single parents, students and those on low incomes .


what to wear

anything comfy to sit and lie in. A mat and a soft blanket/towel/shawl as when you relax your body temperature will lower.

some water and a snack –

A nice notebook to log and insights and experiences – this helps you begin to track awareness and improvements


please email me with any questions, concerns