New Year Resolutions 2019 – Juicing

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Most of you know, that I tend to look at my goals and set some new ones every month.

New year is no different, but after the chaos in December, I have more space. I like to get on with some of those new ideas and put them into practice.

One of my goals was to start juicing again in the mornings. I had read about the benefits of juicing celery and apples from The Medical Medium.

Having a range of low-level health issues, getting the right nutrients in as easy way as possible is key for me.

However someone has knocked the end of the juicer off and as I attempted to balance a jar at the end and capture the juice, the back of the juicer that collects the pulp from the fruit and veg broke apart and sent the contents spiralling up the kitchen tiles and on my freshly painted white walls!!.

Juicing is not only a fair bit of work ,I now had to clean the tiles and stop the waterfall of juice running down the fridge.

My desire for juicing was seriously diminishing !!

The juicer has now been put back on the shelf!!

  1. Anyhow if your juicer works ,I use a simple recipe that is highly nutritious.
    Three stalks of celery
    Three small apples
    4 carrots
    This yields enough for two glasses.
    Juice and pour over ice.
    According to the Medical Medium, the real benefit comes from having the celery on its own. I cant bear the taste, so I add apples and or carrots to balance the flavour