The Power Of Focusing The Mind

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Want to improve ,change or even transform your life ?

Some of the ideas on this website are a mix of 20 years of information, theory and personal experience. Below are some of the very simple yet powerful ideas that can have a big impact on how your day goes . If your not happy, make a decision to do what it takes to learn what you need to do for YOU .

Here are some tips to get you started, along with a the video. It talks you through how to use the mind ,affirmations and how to change beliefs

Start doing at least one thing a day that you love, lights you up, you enjoy and notice how your day goes

Log why you enjoy those things and add to the list of what you want to do

Train you state-if you feel overwhelm, then find ways to lessen it. Get support, learn to breath, learn state management

Get moving -this can mean yoga, running, dancing in your living room- we need to shift the build up of static in our bodies

Start a new course or hobby-the mind likes new stuff and the impact on other aspects of your life can be positive

Reduce the times your with people where you leave feeling down, heavy, sad etc

when you wake up think of how you want your day to go

Increase your vibration, eat light meals, drink plenty of water and try meditation.
Some mantras to try
I am becoming more and more happy joyous and filled with love
I am waking up to a new day
I’m excited to think of how well my day can go the more I focus on how I want to feel
I remember moments where I felt love connection and happiness
Mantras are sounds and statements. Make sure you use what you can agree with,statements ones that you resonate with. If you say i’m getting better and better at x, then it might be easier for you to agree with the statement. or look on YouTube and find some videos to show you more. The Moola Mantra by Devi Premal is one of my favourite. Jennifer Elizabeth Masters also covers mantras in her courses.