About me
Hi, I grew up in the North, and from an early age I was intrigued by people, their relationships and the difficulties they faced. After the birth of my son, I decided to switch careers and train as a therapist. The training gave me a much deeper understanding of people and their issues but also of myself. There began a journey of deep learning and personal development. Since then I’ve used my knowledge, skills and experience to not only help many people but also to continue to develop myself. The two go hand in hand.
I have trained in a variety of approaches (trainer, coaching, NLP, counselling, nutrition, meditation, NLP, counselling, EFT, reiki, hypnosis, meditation and angel healing). Along with the training I did, I have studied many different spiritual approaches and theories.
These models and tools enable me to understand the various ways that we operate in the world and the different tools to manage, change or improve your life.
This year I followed a dream to also train as a yoga teacher and will be offering online Yoga classes and QT/Reiki healing


My Philosophy


Mental health, wellbeing and spirituality
Generally, I’ve been drawn to everything about wellbeing for individuals and systems (health, mental health, nutrition, movement, and spirituality).
I have also been very interested in all aspects of life and the spiritual world since I was in my teens, feeling a much bigger connection but not clear on what it was or what it meant. I started to deepen my interests and practice around 2011. Therefore, I am open to exploring the spiritual side of life.
My knowledge of the various ideas of human development and how to help people move through and onwards means I understand the many different ways that help us manage the modern world, its fast pace and the stress it brings.


Different people need different things at different times


When we feel unhappy, for whatever reason, knowing where to start and what to do can feel like a minefield. It begins with one small step, one change of thought, one shift from doing something that isn’t beneficial to you and doing more and more what works (see my 30 day top tip guide).  Sometimes small changes can lead to much more significant transformations. You can create the life you want.
Many of us do the same thing every day, grow up and live our lives with little reflection on who we are, what we are doing, and if we are indeed happy. Many people are, and that’s great, so there may be ways to enhance that state of wellbeing, satisfaction and happiness even more.
For others, their soul is calling for new experiences, direction, meaning and purpose and just a better feeling than they are currently experiencing.
My key message is that there are many methods and routes, there is no right path, just your path. They are things we can choose, depending on what feels right for you. What I share in the pages here are bite-size pieces of information where you can read, maybe connect with, and some you may want to test out and go into more depth should that feel like the right thing for you.

Much of the information here is aimed at introducing you to different esoteric and psychology topics

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