Introduction to Spirituality and the Esoteric

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Welcome to my Esoteric page

What does it mean? In the past, anything Esoteric was intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people. People with a specialized knowledge or interest. Sometimes the esoteric, mystical and spiritual practices were only passed down through a certain lineage, gurus or sages.

More and more , with the development of the internet, we can access a wealth of information like never before. Therefore this page introduces you to some of the many ideas, concepts and information that is out there.

I blend Esoteric, Mystical and Spiritual together . in the one page As much of what I’m interested in and introduce you to, crosses many different boundaries.

Alternative, Spiritual , Esoteric , Mystical and more …………………

I will cover the different things I have come across while re-searching the spiritual and esoteric. I will provide links to pages and videos that may be helpful. or interesting in your development and interest.

The links attached are for your information only, and nothing can ever be seen as being the one TRUTH …

Spirituality can mean different things to different people. It can mean being interested or trained in psychic and mediumship work. Or mean using crystals, healing and a range of alternative methods.

More recently there has been a growth in interest in energy healing. Some models are bringing back many of the very early spiritual practices such as shamanism. I have used crystals, healing, homeopathy, massage, psychic, aromatherapy. I have also tried Chinese medicine and at one point developed my psychic skills. The examples above, name a few of the things that I discovered along the way. Along with the more mainstream ways of helping others.

I have practiced yoga meditation now for some years. This was initially a way for me to reconnect with myself and reduce stress. Over time the advantage of using these approaches has given me so much more. For access to really well priced professional yoga and spiritual courses check out Ive completed two of the yoga courses advertised. I really enjoyed them and seen the benefits .

for the most extensive list of retreats around the world for yoga, surfing, meditation and mindfulness see:

I like to also introduce you to some of my favourite healers, meditation teachers, leaders in the spiritual Esoteric and Mystic field. I will be adding them on different pages.

I have a separate drop-down for the Law Of Attraction. This is a well-developed field that attracts some very different spiritual speakers.

if you would like to get a basic understanding of the way that spiritual, science and religion are coming together. Then look at either of these two great and now classic films

“What The Bleep” and you can find this on the link below

or the film “The Secret” where religion science philosophy and psychology all merge

The Secret Film – Download

or some read some of the works from key authors and writers in the field such as Greg Baden


and of course the great Hay House , a spiritual development movement since the early 70’s

These have all added to my own knowledge and spiritual growth in some way over the years .

For great online radio shows listen to John interview a range of spiritual healers, authors and teachers on

Beyond the Ordinary Replays

Darius @The you wealth revolution

These shows are free to listen into and you can also listen after they have been aired