Music -The Food Of Life

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Anyone that knows me knows that I love Music. It’s in my Soul and sometimes I forget that this is the very juice to shift my mind. Music helps me release and let go and instead of hanging on to the day to day stresses. Music is also something I use allot in my meditations.
Music is an incredibly powerful tool. It has the capacity to influence how you feel, increase attention , or help you drift into different states of consciousness .
See Jonathan Goldman @, for an explanation of how you can utilise music. Science is now starting to tell us about the impact of music on the body and it’s role in healing . Use it for chanting and spiritual clearings and you will amp up the progress.
My current favorate compilations below are ones that I use when I practice my Yoga and Meditation. I also play in the background when I’m doing some of my creative work. Both of them can be found on You Tube .
The music below by El Nama Dilaih. The with the symbols used are also found in the Tom Evans course Heartful Living.
If you want to ramp up the power and potential of your meditation, listen to the music , absorb the symbols, and relax.
Let the other stuff drift away. For a few minutes ,just breath. Then start to notice the different feelings coming through . Peace, calm, flow can be at your disposal.


Music for Meditation

Music For Meditation

Music for Healing the Body


Music for Mindful Dancing and Meditation


Music for Mindful Dancing and Meditation