HEART FULL LIVING By Tom Evans -A Course in Transformation

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Heart-full Living By Tom Evans

The 15 day Heart-full Living program will activate your Heart Centre, your Third Eye and other mind centres. As a result, you will be introduced to a new way of being, thinking and doing.

We have become accustomed to thinking our consciousness is generated in our head. In fact, our awareness is spread throughout our our whole neurology – and even outside our body. What’s more, we are not generators of thought but also receivers of both thoughts and sense impressions.
As our self awareness has evolved, our heads have become ’loud’ and mask out thought forms from elsewhere in our body. This short and introductory course will open your mind, or your minds, and give you a new sense of awareness about our true nature as spirits on a human journey.
NEW : now comes with bonus visualisations to make you more attractive, soften tense situations, manifest instantly and bring more money along.

Are you ready for 15 days of trance-formation?
This simple to follow, yet extremely powerful program brings your body, minds and spirit back into balance and helps you to:
Unleash your creative spark
Reconnect you with your innate intuitive ability
Express your true authentic voice with clarity and compassion
Open your heart to give and receive more love
Release fears that may be holding you back
Connect more deeply with the world
Increase in personal power to make you ‘more vital’
Increase your attractiveness that will ‘get you noticed’
Enhance your claircogniscence, clairvoyance and clairsentience
Increase the flow of abundance in your life