5 Ways To Grow Inspiration

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1-Start Listening to Motivational Speakers To lift Your Mood and Change Your State

we start to think about our life and what we want, it can feel daunting. However as I’ve highlighted in earlier posts, making a plan, one small step on each are of your life is a very good start.


2-One is to consider is what information are you taking in, who are you spending time with, in fact, what are you doing with your time.  Every morning while I’m getting ready for work I listen to one of the many thousands of videos on You Tube. Why?  Because if I slept badly or have had my mind on work or other issues, it helps to shift this.

like to start thinking about what I want, what is possible.

I also like to be re-reminded of what I know but hearing it again takes your thinking deeper.

I like to hear the different views of speakers and relate to facets of what they share.


3-Play uplifting music. No matter how you feel when you surround yourself with pleasant people, sound or input, it changes your frequency. The way you feel can and WILL improve.


4-Open your mind ! Below I add some of the primary collections to get you started from some of the most well-known speakers.


5-Start a journal switch on play and listen, then any thoughts that you have that are new or that you want to log then it’s a good time to do this.