Ibiza -Heading for Yoga Teacher Training Day #1

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Day One

I left home to make my way to  Heathrow airport. I had some anticipation and mixed feelings. Partly due to having flown a lot in the past and often being stopped at security. Today though it had been fine, everything flowed. And when things flow that can be a good sign.

The mixed feelings were also about wondering if I had taken on more than I could handle. Was it too soon after the car accident?

It had been six months since the accident and I was still having hip and shoulder problems and still with strange sensations in my arm. I was worried I might make it worse.

And now this last month I had been off work on and off with sciatica. It was so bad some days I could barley move and in so much pain.Then as the time approached to leave my throat began to get sore.

I decided what’s the worst that can happen? .I had paid for my trip and was about to  fly to somewhere hot and sunny and stay in a villa for a month.  If I don’t feel to good and can’t do as much as id’ have hoped,  then that would have to be ok.

I knew that once I got to the e villa where the training was taking place, I would be ok to settle for a few weeks, rest and relax in between learning about yoga in more depth.

I spent the first few days exploring Ibiza town and taking pictures but by day two my glands got much worse and went to see the doctor.


Now I was getting worried. However knowing how the law of attraction works remaining worried wasn’t  going to help. So, I decided to rest up, do some reiki on myself sleep and see what happened. By day 4 I was due to meet the yoga teacher to take us to the villa, I was feeling a bit better l.

We arrived the first day to a beautiful villa. I met many of the woman and the energy felt so calm and relaxing. We were to do an opening ceremony and get to know each other better