TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -ITALY 2018-Rome By Hop On And Off Bus #16a

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I had parked my things in the hostel and decided best way to get a sense of a place was to jump on one of those tourist busses . I had seen many pedlars by the station selling tickets so I made my way back. I walked the few hundred yards back to the station got a ticket and jumped on the bus. It was a good decision, I was exhausted, after dragging my heavy bags about. Like most city’s, it was hustle and bustle and the streets filled with cars.

Word of note. If you want to visit all the sites, jump on the buss first. There are several tour bus companies. I got the Greenline as they charge 20e, 3e less than the other busses as well as walking tours and packages. If you are happy to enjoy experiencing the sights there’s always Wikipedia to catch up on the true background and significance.

And what struck me was how much Rome made an impact on me. I had never felt a pull to come here, it was a stop over but I’m glad stopped off. Rome needs a week, so that you can make your way round slowly and visit all the places that catch your attention. Otherwise you must rush around and pack it all in. I imagine the best time is waking up early and getting into town when it quiet, it must be quite magical.

The tour bus took me to :

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, Colosseum, Circo Massimo, Piazza Venezia, St peters ,Vatican,Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese, Piazza Barberin

I was really taken aback by the sights before me.

Check my pics on google plus to get a feel

And if your thirsty there’s several street sellers who will throw a bottle of iced water up at you in exchange for 1 euro !!