HEART FUL LIVING -An Introduction

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This blog is about the course I did as I had started to progress in my journey after reaching 50 and some of the steps on the way, the tools I have used. Here Heartfull living was the course I started to access about two months before I took a month out to travel on my own to France and then through Italy.
I went from re-evaluating my life, moving forward, and then taking more and more leaps into the unknown. I wanted to utilise some tools to help me do so.
These tools  help me manage and navigate, the sometimes-bumpy terrain, challenging people, situations and the internal process of managing each step. Like many others do, I’m going on a journey of discovery.
The journey is both physical and metaphorical and in the process possibly not only having new experiences but discovering more of who I am and what I can do next and how i want to help others.
Best of all I bought a camera !! and started writing about the places I see and sometimes those deeper reflections about what was evoked or felt at the time.