HEART-FULL LIVING -A COURSE By Tom Evans- The Beginning -Embarking on the journey

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Professional and personal development -Heartful Living By Tom Evans 

A 15 day programme

Ooh I feel excited! I’m an avid reader, explorer and adventurer and I love trying new stuff out.  That includes trying out new courses to boost both my professional and personal life .

I had wanted to do Tom Evans’ course for a while. It had many of the components that really fit with me and my approach to health and wellbeing . Approaches I know that work and yield results. Toms course includes ,Sound healing, Meditation, Mindfulness ,The Power Of Symbols, Working With The Subconscious Mind, all wrapped up in a really easy to access and apply package.

I’ve tried many courses to increase my skills in photography and coaching (Udemy) , mindfulness, meditation (DailyOm), spiritual development (Jennifer Elizabeth Masters, Matt Khan, Nora Herald, Christine Day, Hay House ) and then discovered some of Toms work, Heartful Living . I was intrigued as to whether this was something that might help me now .

I had wanted to the course for a while, but I was spinning so many plates with my full-time job, yoga class and of course my new hobby, photography. I know that I needed to slow down before I risked all the plates crashing down. I was also about to embark on a journey to make a transition from my job and go off to Italy and France on my own.  I wanted to give the course my full attention, clear the space so that I could also reflect on each moment as it unfolded.


I didn’t know what would transpire back in March 2018,  when conversations about my contract came up. But it had activated a process of exploring and opening my mind to what was coming next.

                                                                            Maybe I was being nudged into a new way of thinking …


There was a familiar feeling, a familiar pattern, but now I wanted to jump off the merry go round.

I had received one of Tom’s emails and was curious to look at a book advertised, I then saw Tom’s course on his website. I had already enjoyed one of his earlier books and found that he was releasing a new book, The Big U. The title and description resonated with me and with what I was seeing in some of my friends. We all seemed to be questioning who we are? Where are we going? What do we now want from life? Were some of us staying small, keeping plans small, when in fact, our heart and soul is calling for us to think bigger, expand and grow into who we can really be and live life in a new way? Was it a call to think of how we would really live it if there were no barriers- perceived or real. I was now able to truly ask myself these questions as my two sons had left home and I could now focus on me in a brand new way .

My whole life had been focused on creating a life for the boys and me. I was also creating my career along with the various tools that lead many of us out of misery.

I was motivated to help the clients that I worked to feel better, good or even shift completely. Whether that meant helping a kid make different choices to avoid prison, helping another who was on drugs look at the various paths they could take, assisting that young woman in an abusive relationship wake up to the fact that her rescuing tendencies were keeping her unsafe, or a college student with long held passions that were oppressed and stifled with no self-belief that they would ever be that useful.

Helping people believe in themselves and tap into their potential and grow was the fundamental to all that I did but I had been doing this for over 20 years .

However, psychology and society had moved forward and now it wasn’t about looking for the ills and issues that challenge us, but instead looking at evolving in a completely new way-also influenced by the new models : The law of attraction, spirituality, and positive psychology.

I also knew deep down, it could be a lot less painful and taken a lot less time to break free from the past and live a happier and more satisfying life.

The ending of my contract brought the dream of taking a trip to the forefront of my mind. (see my blog The Journey to hear more about it) I was questioning what did I want? How did I want to now earn money? What did I want to do for the world? Where did I want to live? What could I further add to my life.

These are often big questions and its not that im not happy but there was something more,  I now wanted but wasn’t quite sure what it was. Taking this journey would not only help me realise something I had wanted to do for years but also would give me new space and time to relax let go and see what else emerges and unfolds…

My research into psychology, neurology, self-development, spirituality, and the esoteric was to explore the various tools available to enable this process of making change, transitioning or even a total metamorphis occur and in a much less painful way. rojects that were to help people whose lives had been affected by many of the social issues of today.

Even if you desire change, you might now know what you want, how to go about it or your perceptions and sometimes self-imposed limitations interfere with it . Sometimes people start to make some changes and aim towards what they really desire, but can allow other people or their inner doubts and fears to get in the way. Even if you really want something different and put the process into action there will be waves of fear and anxiety in your body and doubts in your mind.

If there wasn’t I don’t think we would see the hundreds of courses available to help you improve or change your life.

And now all this thinking had led me to take some action. I was leaving my job and taking a trip. As much as it was exciting, it was equally daunting.

On some days my body is pulsating with rushes of anxiety and fear, as well as feelings of expansion and freedom.  But the thought of jumping onto a train for days on end and exploring new spaces started to thrill me, I love going on trains and just sitting back and enjoying the scenery.

All I knew that going to a different space with new people and watching the magic unfold was what my brain, body and soul needed right now. I wanted to walk the talk, take myself past a previous comfortable place.

This was the only breadcrumb of insight I had access too ….………and sometimes it starts with a breadcrumb

Same habits, same roads, and same coffee shops don’t do much to help bring out the creative in me.

Most of us like to create a predictable life and to a large extent this helps us navigate the trials and tribulations as well as function from day to day. But when we start to have those little nagging feelings that something is off or isn’t working anymore, we need to be able to pay attention to that.

                                   ……..If we don’t pay attention, those voices just get louder.

A part of this is being able to find space, peace and, for some, somewhere so quiet they can allow that tiny whisper to be heard.

Many of my colleagues are surprised when I tell them about the internal challenges I’ve experienced. To them I had achieved so much, and yes maybe so, but we all hit a ceiling and sometimes need a bit of help to shift out of whatever state we are in.

When I spoke to Tom it made sense to try the course.


                                 …………flow will carry you; pushing is resistance and exhaustion in action.

So, after a week and another flood of fear course through my body but I book the flight, accommodation and try to figure out what to pack.

Figuring out some of the simplest of tasks is draining, but I trust it could turn into the most thrilling trip yet …and that feels exciting …