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After one day and night in Rome ,I felt like I’ve been in an altered reality. I guess that what happens when everything your experiencing is new or feels strange. Your senses can end up working overtime while you navigate your way around.

I needed to check out for ten but it felt like I was dragging my weary body out of bed. Having a shower to was first on the list. I decided to eat at the station and park there and write for a few hours before catching my next train to Naples. The station was loud and full of people looking as lost as i had on my first day.

The train station isn’t great for anyone with noise and sight sensitivity. Its an attack on the sense. I managed to pick up my first Americano since being here. I put my headphones on, found a spot and sat down for a few hours to chill. But the heat was even intense inside the building.

Today I decided to eat something simple, fruit salad, Greek yogurt and a coffee.

For us yogis, even on the road, after a couple of days of food that is starchy and heavy can throw your chi of kilter.

When I get to my next space I’m going to have a good yoga session, listen to music and lie in the sun.

Life is about balance, even when travelling.