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I took the train from Genoa Brinole station for a 90 minute coastal treat. The train passed village after village, mountains and sea. After the train pulled up I googled the place where I would be staying at. I decided to walk with case and back pack, but my arm was sore from dragging it up and down steps. I was now getting fed up that I had brought any clothes at all.

I arrived at the address and checked in with the host. We chatted through google translate which was fun and she offered to cook an evening meal. I took her offer to cook for me for an extra 8e. I wanted to go and explore and make the use of the remaining afternoon. When I could arrived back I switched on google translate. I attempted to chat along with trying the meatballs cooked by the host.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this little town. It was understated in all the research I had done. No one had mentioned how beautiful it was. It is very well cared for and the streets are lined with lovely boutique shops. The shops were filled with an amazing selection of clothes, footwear and the usual cafes . The street follows the coastal road so your never than a street away from the beach.

I really took to this Chiavari. It was now obvious that I liked the combination of a working busy, vibrant town with the sea and beach on offer. Like other little towns, I discovered this area has several beautiful ornate churches . If you’re going to visit here I’d recommend at least three days and five. If you want to add Cinque Terre to the trip then its easy to jump on the train and see each village in turn. You can then have lunch and then catch the boat for a full two hours of glorious sightseeing.

And if you like dogs there were so many cute dogs in Chiavari. They’re like part of the fashion .Big and small ones walking through the town.

Its vibrant in the day and extra special and even more vibrant in the evening.

You can see why people are healthier in Italy. I’m not so sure its because of the Mediterranean diet but there is alot more walking and climbs involved. You have to walk up and down hills all day, or own a moped. What’s really cool is there are many over 50’s looking glam on them, and that’s so inspiring! After 5 everyone is out wandering around the streets. People are eating and drinking in one of the many cafes or soaking up the atmosphere in the main square. There’s a buzz about and you can see how many more people get out and connect. There are dog owners battling to keep the dogs from sniffing or fighting with each other, children freely and joyously running around, to older people chatting on the benches. I really like it here.