TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -ITALY 2018 -Cinque Terre -Day12

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The main reason for visiting Italy, was to visit the beautiful Cinque Terre (five villages) region . Pastel painted villages sit on the edge of the cliffs with see lapping the tiny shores. I planned to visit the villages by first travelling to La Spezia by train, from Chiavari, and make my way back by boat. The journey by train is very easy and I arrived in La Spezia within an hour. The town is lovely but has a different feel from Chiavari. La Spezia, about the same size as Chiavari , has alot more tourists. The trains were packed with less than friendly tourists. It felt a bit more like a dog eat dog trip. The town seems fairly equipped to deal with us all descending on it. I then got from the train and explored the lovely interesting shops. An hour later, and I’ve used up my camera and head to the port. The port is lovely and packed with boats small and large. I find there is one waiting to board people to take thr trip around the coast. Luckily it was the boat for the Cinque Terre trip. I ask for a one-way ticket of 11e and board the boat. I find my seat and feel the wind running through my hair and the spray of the ocean cooling my face. We leave port and head to the first village .

If its your first time visiting the region ,as it was mine, the experience is stunning. The villages are pretty with very small landing areas for the boats . I wondered how the tiny spaces cope with the descending marching tourists. Some of the villages have cafes chipped out of the side of the mountains. They have the most amazing views overlooking the ocean. It’s a great way to see the villages. Some people like me stay aboard and take in the stunning views. The boat makes it way to the last stop before turning around, Levante, the home for the surfer ….