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I awoke feeling a lot more refreshed and decided to head to the beach for some rest and relaxation. The temperature was already 26degrees at 11am . The scenery before me was even more amazing as I headed around the corner to the beach . The palm trees glistening in the morning sun against the backdrop of the sea. The sea looked very cool and inviting. Even though it was a short strole I was already feeling the intensity of the sun.


The room I’m staying in while in Nice is filled with art and books. One of the books i was drawn to, by chance happened was titled Anything I Can Do You Can Do Better by Tessa Souter,

Tessa talked about how to unlock your dreams and change your life .

Tessa’s book is both autobiographical and practical. She talks about her dream to become a singer and navigating the various paths. She reflects on the people, mental attitude and the challenges along the way. Of course the book speaks to me. I’ve been pondering for some time about the route I might take . Ive also been listening to many hours of Ted Talks. Recently I had been exploring how to find your purpose in life, decision making and the psychology of success. Much of it wasn’t that new to me. However, it was from the perspective of an musician. The book contained some nuggets of information and stirred my thinking even more. It also helped me make a decision i had been struggling to make.

The book confirmed what I had already experienced: to figure it out wasn’t actually easy . Some people know what they want to do but it doesn’t mean that you will always do it. Often, these days. people can have two or three careers with a variety of interests . Not all people make a living from what they love to do and I’m sure those that do also have a story similar to Tessa’s. She had shared really deep insights into the journey about the challenges and joys along the way .

I got halfway through the book and thought I’d share some of the key messages:

She was always singing . It was who she since being a little girl

Create your five year, one year and monthly plan . It helps keep you focused

Other people can sway you off course for more “acceptable” “reputable” things ,or because it just pays better

Don’t wait for validation, some people will love how you express your creative side and others wont. After years of delivering training I had learned that no matter how brilliant you might be at it,not everyone will like you. Someone will love what you share and some wont.

Find a way of being closer to the work you want to do or volunteer your skills so that you can get some free input. This means your in the company of people that will share what they love and you can get tips and hints to evolve .

Her key message was , you dont have to be skint while you figure it out. She emphasised it might not be a good idea to leave the day job or find a job that isn’t mentally and physically taxing . JObs with too much responsibility leave you shatterd and unable to think or create. She highlighted, unless you have savings ,you don’t need the headache of financial issues and struggling day to day. Do something that will cover the bills while you use the energy to pursue your calling .

And most of all notice where you get the really good feelings. These will indicate what your doing is a good choice. Focusing on what it is you love is far easier than trying to clock into a job . Jobs that just doesn’t do it for you anymore can be soul destroying. Too many of us waist years worrying the next step will be hard.

Its been a tough one for me to know where I want to go in the next five years but I aim to follow one sweet breadcrumb at a time…

on reflection..

I still meditate and like to teach this again but not full time

My therapy training means I have the skills to help people share their story’s but id like to do this in a different way

I love to get absorbed in my new photography hobby and play about with the images . its quite satisfying also when someone has enjoyed a picture you share .

I also love organising events and conferences . Its a lot of work but I love to connect people.

I’m really passionate about mental health and wellbeing and this has been central to all that I do. And now tap into the skills and interests I love as well as being open minded as to what can now unfold. This is to be continued………….

I love helping organisations improve and thrive and be of real help to the people it serves…