TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -ITALY 2018 -Day #6 -Waking Up To A Better Day -Arriving in Genoa

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Nice to Genoa

I was reminded today of some of the ways we can begin to influence our state (feeling) and the impact it can have on your day


I booked a train ticket to take me from Nice to Genoa as that was going to be my next stop for a few days. I had wanted to do this particular train route for a long time. I love riding on trains and coastal pathways. This would be a combination of both and I was excited by this part of the trip.


Manging to navigate the language and a new train station I found my seat and I was imeresed in the most beautiful scenery for over three hours. I also loved hearing people speak in Italian. I loved all the new buildings, the view of the coast, the aromas that changed every few miles. I was so totally absorbed in what I was noticing, with all thoughts of anything else (house, work, bills etc) totally evaporated.

Once arriving in genoa the pleasant sensations continued and I noticed how oddley I felt at home here. I felt so relaxed and comfortable that I took my case and sat in a café for a few hours watching the world go by.


Id booked a B&B and as much as the map stated it was a short walk, I noticed the hilly streets come into view. Today I grab a taxi and google translate in hand I secure the price for the trip.


I was feeling very happy with myself. Navigating strange places, train stations, a different language and finding the second home for a few days. We arrived at the top of the hill where the apartment building sat and I thought instantly that my fitness levels are going to be increasing farly quickly when im relying only on my feet to get around.


Once in the apartment I was blown away by how beautiful it was and the graciousness of the lovely host. The room was mu bigger than the one I have in the UK, and their was an amaing teraace that gave me the most wonderful view of the city.


it was one glorious feeling after another. After shopping for some cheese and wine, issteld in for the night. I was going to milk every second of this experience.


I woke up feeling as though I was still in heaven and appreciating such simple luxury.