The Law Of Attraction – For Beginners

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An introduction to the law of attraction


If you’re new to the law of attraction or re-igniting your interest, then check out the videos below. I’ve only selected a few, as there is a lot of information out there. However, it can be a bit bewildering. I think Bob Proctor and Abraham-Hicks, who also have plenty of videos on YouTube for you to access, give a very natural explanation.

These links below will lead you to much more. Follow your intuition regarding what feels like the next right step for you.

The videos below will provide hours of listening and reflecting.


1st steps

The only piece of advice I’ll give here before you do anything else. Get out your journal, some nice pens and first write your response to these questions. Capture the initial reaction, that’s the significant bit. Do not edit; no one is reading what you wrote, but these first responses will give you big clues as to how to create lasting change.



  1. What do you think about the law of attraction? Be honest, did you think it’s a lot of fashionable nonsense, what are people on about, it’s a fad, I’m interested but don’t understand it, I’ve been doing it but where’s my money, love, new house, car, etc?
  2. How did you discover the law of attraction?
  3. You want to create change in your life but what would you change?
  4. If you can only answer the first question easily, then I suggest you go and check out the first video. Then see if any others capture your interest. It’s a buffet, and you get to choose what’s most appealing to try.

Journal work

While in college, it was prevalent practice to write about our experiences on the course, when working with others and in response to the material we read. I have developed this method throughout my career. I find it a straightforward yet effective tool. What’s great about it is, when I have low moments I can read over what I did the last month.  I can also see the issues I was struggling with, yet somehow resolved. This boosts my mood. I’m able to celebrate and see how much had become possible.

All you do in the meantime is listen to a video, write what you notice, what resonates, makes sense, what discoveries you have made.

Log any changes you have started to notice happening around you.

Notice what’s changing, what you discover, starting on day one, with the intention of logging your experiences and observations, it is a great way to track progress and change.

You may be surprised to discover in 30 days how much things have improved, especially if you take from any of the videos the idea of how you can improve your life.

In the coming months, I will add more steps in the law of attraction.

Below are videos that really introduce this topic well starting with Bob Proctor , also check out Abraham Hicks