MMM- Yoga and Meditation Classes 2020- About Me

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Mind, Movement and Meditation

I’m delighted to be able to bring my passion for Yoga, Music and Meditation ONLINE and at the New Possitivity Centre Burnham Near Taplow

Its a beautiful space to move and relax.

I will be delivering Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Deep house and Trance Flow Classes 

Yin Yang Yoga 

Yin Yang is both passive and active yoga ,great for both beginners and intermediate .The over 40s very welcome .

Its also a great approach for people recovering from illness and injury, people who like to learn at an easy pace and those who may be put off by someone who looks young and like a gymnast .
Address for the January classes httpfs:// Centre,
Nashdom Lane
Although you will learn some basic,moves (asanas) to be able to do at home and increase strength flexibility and pace
You will learn the basic moves in yoga, how to join them up, how they stimulate the meridians for better health, meditation and a way to take yoga into your daily life.
I like to run small classes so booking the whole course can secure your place.
About me
Although I have worked in children’s mental health for over 20 years as a trainer, clinician and project manager. I’ve always been interested in a wide range of things that enhance our wellbeing.
Like most people I found Yoga after both back issues, stress and have now been practicing yoga for five years. This led me to train as a Yin Yang Yoga teacher.
I’m also a, Reiki/Quantum healer and lifestyle coach/therapist and passionate about the way that Yoga and healing can enhance your wellbeing, increase fitness, flexibility and reduce pain stress and fatigue. I also incorporate QT and Reiki Healing modality’s into into the session to help people quickly release any stress and feel their system get lighter brighter and bring about any healing needed
After a car crash in March 2019, my passion for the things we can do that help us heal got stronger. I had several injury’s and found it hard to move but knew a bit of movement at a time would help me start to heal . Yoga Meditation and Healing then became a much bigger part of my life.
This style of yoga is great for beginners or those who like a slower pace or recovering from injury and illness. If you are recovering from either please do check with your physio or GP to find out what moves you should avoid and what will help you .
The classes are for woman and men 40+ or who may be new to yoga, done some in the past and would like to start again or would like a more relaxed class with a chance to wind down at the end.
Yin Yang is also great for stimulating the body to get rid of excess stress, toxins and increase blood flow and general wellbeing whilst reducing stress , stiffness and fatigue .
Yin Yang Yoga also stimulates the meridians to aid deeper healing. The Yin Yang approach (some classes only Yin or Yang) offers a whole mind body and spirit experience.
I will also be starting a Yoga to Deep House ,Trance and dance music session to bring in my love of Café Del Mar, Buddha Bar and trance in February .Please email me for more details in March 2019 .Please email me for days and times