Want to learn grow and change?


I’m passionate about helping people learn some basic tools and techniques to help them in their daily life.


It’s by trialing the different things on offer and noticing how they affect you, that then enables you to develop awareness of what helps and what doesn’t. Its also about learning how to develop your own -healing techniques, lower resistance, create awareness, strengthen what works and clear what doesn’t.


Once you are  aware of what things make you feel good, you can build these good feeling states up,so that rather than having so many highs and lows, life gets more balanced.


We can access a range of tools and techniques brought forward from my 20 years of practicing as a clinician, healer, and teacher -using the various models to bring about internal and external change.



Other activities 


  • MMM Mini-Retreat
  • MMM is a morning or whole day of Mind Movement and Meditation.
  • Day retreats and holistic events (talks, treatments, products
  • Weekend  MMM experiences
  • Retreats coming in 2019



Any medical health or mental health conditions, food issues, allergy’s or preferences must be shared on initial inquiry as we may not be able to cater for all needs.


Check the calendar the next series of events for more info on dates and prices
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