HEART FULL LIVING By Tom Evans- An Introduction

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Below is an introduction to a course I started to do before I went on my trip to France in the beginning of September 2018. I wanted to explore if it was something that could help me tap into my heart space, heart desires and more beneficial feelings of excitement, satisfaction, cleaner decision making, clarity and beyond, rather than fear and anxiety.

Yes I have trained as a therapist and worked for years in mental health but it doesn’t mean that those of us in the field are immune from such feelings, we know its something, like other life experiences we can also be exposed to, but it’s not what we experience it’s how we respond to it and the meaning we ascribe to it that matters.

During change and transition many of us can opt to stay the same, doing the same things over and over, even though some of it may no longer satisfy us, but we might not really know where to go next and what to focus on towards Increased feelings of joy, expansion, happiness, satisfaction etc. and thus creating a happier and more fulfilled life.