The Journey Flying@50
Welcome to my blogs on The Journey (Flying@50) . The journey started in 2016, when I finally decided to leave my job, I had been there for 13 years,in a variety of roles linked with children’s mental health and wellbeing. By this time I had also started to think about what I  wanted and what I thought was possible for my future .
I knew deep down that something was out of balance and not working anymore. Even though I was in the mental health field I had also started to experience high levels of stress and needed to find different tools in order to manage the day to day aspects of work and life in general.
I had also reignited my interest in all things spiritual and this became more central to my life. My sons would be leaving home and now I could consider what I wanted the next phase of my life to look like. I didn’t really know at that point.
I first had to leave what had become a toxic environment and start to regain some health and wellbeing before I could muster up the energy needed to make other changes.
Sometimes, if we ignore the signs, changes are forced on us and we in turn are forced to move into action and consider longer terms aims and the changes necessary.
Sometimes however, we just don’t know what it is that we need to do next. We can leave the things we don’t want yet feel really unclear about what we do want.
We can feel uncertain and this in turn ignites fear and anxiety. Sometimes we can aim so big that we come to a halt before we have taken much action. The brain likes to have things and people around us that keeps us safe, no matter how toxic they have become or how bored we are with life and the work we do.
Reflecting on who we are, what we want out of life can for some, be an enjoyable or a heart wrenching process. It can leave us to question so much and without having a rudder to steer our ship in the process, we can for some of the time feel lost isolated and alone.
Also many of our decisions can be based on old and outdated beliefs and attitudes that worked at some time and formed the foundation of who we were but that no longer serve us .
Knowing what to do, or what steps to take can feel confusing but can in the end  lead to the changes necessary and lead to higher levels of happiness and satisfaction (switching careers, moving house or even a country)
It can start with just a simple decision- Sometimes it is to move away from something that isn’t good for your wellbeing or to move towards more of what you love. After you have made that decision, you work out what that will look like, feel like and be like, so that you can now shift your stressed mind towards something much more productive.
You have to create the desired future…
In the process we can be presented with a whole host of thoughts and feelings that lure us back into the known ,no matter how outdated it is for our Soul, our brain likes to take us back to those safe and known places, no matter how damaging that can be.  But if our Soul and life is calling us into action we will only be able to ignore it for so long ,as I also discovered.
Like many others do, after 20 years in my field, I too knew that deep down I wasn’t feeling the same about my life and my work. I was tired stressed and often bored. My sons were now grown up and I was now in a position where I could start to think about what I wanted for me. It can be difficult to re-evaluate life, while sat on the same sofa with the same things calling your attention. So I decided it was time to go on a journey of discovery (physical, spiritual and mental)
I left my job and closed down several other activity’s I was involved with, booked a flight to France .I aimed to travel to  France through to Italy by train and in the process possibly not only having new experiences, meeting new and wonderful people , but discovering more of me. That was in September 2018 -Read about it in the Journey France and Italy
The blogs from The Journey, include looking at many of the themes that run through positive psychology, the law of attraction and the increased interest in all things spiritual as well as my interest in photography that had only began a year earlier .
It was also a chance for me to start to do more of my new passion ,photography . Photography is a way I love to capture what lights me up, the mood of the place and some occasional examples of something unique .  My whole life and career has been about exploring and understanding life, Joy and pain and discovering new spaces ,places and people.
By sharing what I experience I hope it inspires and lights you up too , helps you think and discover more as well as helps you to consider how you approach those small whispers, change, transition and growth.
As a part of my own self development and interest in the range of tools and courses out there, that can help you grow ,expand or even transform I decided to launch my conscious growth by using Tom Evans Heart-Full Living course (see attached write up or visit his website ) and read his new book The Big U, both aimed at helping you connect with whats truly in your heart and grow into the person you really are.
In 2019 The Journey continued. After a literal jolt in March that year everything I was involved with came to a halt . I had already slowed many things down and created new space for new things to emerge but now I was in a very different place. I was in pain and now very disheartened. It would be a journey to bring myself back from a dive into life’s pit. It was also an opportunity for me to decide to look at and even pursue some things that I had been considering doing . After all, it could have been much worse. So I decided to bool myself onto teacher training in Ibiza ,with no idea how I would feel by the October that year. But then I thought why not pursue this on my most visited and favorate place, Ibiza and experience a full emersion into mind body and spirit , no matter the outcome.
Read about that in experiences -Ibiza
#TheJourney Continues ….


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