TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -FRANCE AND ITALY 2018-How Travel Can Reignite Your Life and Create New Mental Pathways

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While on my travels to France and Italy I had time to reflect on a lot of what had happened in the previous months and some of the changes coming up. I had also realised over the weeks what having a break can really do for you .


Once you step off the plane and find your bearings what starts to unfold can be a series moments that awaken the senses. The mind is forced to navigate the things you usually do without much thought. Arriving in a new place requires new focus and attention. Your mind has to figure out where to go, what to eat, how to get about and it leaves less time to mull over the things that usually circle in your inner mind.

The new space can give you the desire to explore, get  the fresh sea air in your lungs and  walk much more, therefore our level of exercise increases. Having new things to consider all contribute to an increase in wellbeing .

When travelling, you can be in a constant state of curiosity. If you let yourself relax the reins of control and go about things at a slower pace, then we start to notice things in more detail. We can start to use this information to discern further what we may like and what we don’t.

It can also be revitalising. New things can rev up the system and make you want to try things you had never thought of before.

The joy of experiencing many new things means your brain is busy. Its important to staying the flow. This means over the weeks there is less room to entertain the things that cause you concern and worry.

During my trip, I had a lot of time to reflect and all the new things I wanted to try. I discovered where my natural skills lay, what increases my anxiety , and how I wanted to spend my time. I now have more mental space to allow new people and experiences to come in. These realisations keep me motivated for an enriched, fun and satisfying life. I had started to feel a zest for life and excited about the future again.


Enjoying each moment instead of rushing around, means worries can fall away.


While in Nice, I entranced by the old town- It’s delightful little lanes full of quaint shops, vibrant locals and holiday makers. One lane after another provided rich new delights. I was glad I decided to stay longer.

In Genoa, I greeted Anna, the Airbnb host, she showed such warmth. The local people were also lovely and the lady’s who worked in the shop helped me navigate around. Buying fruit and veg was more of a challenge than I had imagined. I this city, rich steeped in history by tour bus and saw many of the rich historical sites.

I wandered through the tree lined streets that provided a respite from the strong sun. Popping into a small cafés to get some cooler air a bite to eat and relaxed, watching people walk by

Genoa is very hilly and I felt my heart pound in which ever direction I took. The apartment I stayed at was located on what was the steepest hill I had walked up in decades.

I was quite proud that I managed to get about on my own. I also felt great that I had done so much walking. I had such exquisite moments sitting on the terrace of the apartment in Genoa. As the sun went down, the sky turned into a wild array of golden yellow and orange from the fiery orange sun. As the sun disappeared, the buildings lit up and the view and the mountains disappeared from view. A glass of wine in hand as i relaxed in the evening sun.

As soon as I arrived in a lovely little town of Chiavari , (which you must pronounce k’ivari, otherwise you’re saying something completely different). I loved it straight away . Long beaches, glorious sunny days ,finished with the most amazing sunsets

My language skills were poor but the locals were patient with my attempts to communicate.
the final phase of my trip took me down to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. I can see why so many artists and other creative people feel in love with the place. The streets split into small alleyways ,lined by an array of beautiful shops. selling leather bags, shoes, craft and of course Lemonchello .

If you like church’s then your in for a treat. Everywhere in Italy you were never far away from churches with the most amazing carvings.
if I was to sum up the key words that represent this trip? Freedom, spontaneity, curiosity, delight, joy, wonder and awe.