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When you tell people you’re travelling solo it seems to prompt a range of responses. Some are shocked, others think it’s exciting and they long to take the plunge themselves but never do. I have a few friends that do take every opportunity to find somewhere new to explore, often going off on their own. But their are others who cant contemplate taking the leap. Of course there are advantages to travelling with friends compared to going it alone.

Travelling solo can mean having the space, freedom and spontaneity. It can mean that you can go wherever you want, at the speed you want and everything else that you want (eat drink and sleep). for me I felt the same passion I had for discovering new places when I was in my 20s.

I had travelled alone before; around the UK, Ibiza and Washington DC. I hadn’t done it as a continuous journey, going from place to place. The trip itself centred around three places that I had really wanted to visit . I had always wanted to take the coastal train path from Nice to Genoa, the Cinque Terre region, and the Amalfi Coast. One starts at the top of Italy and the Amalfi takes you three quarters of the way down.

Its often interesting to see what inspires us to create the experiences we have. I had been inspired to visit Italy after watching a TV show called The Trip. The Trip is a 2010 British television sitcom series, starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, who play fictionalised versions of themselves. They set off on a restaurant tour of Italy from Piedmont to Capri. They follow in the footsteps of the great Romantic poets of the early 19th century. The show not only showed some of the most beautiful scenery in Italy, but it was also very funny with moments of deeper reflections.

What I really loved about being a solo traveller is the complete freedom you have. I also love meeting so many different people . I have also stayed in enough places to know the basics of what I like . For example, how long I need to stay in one area rather than push myself too hard and get exhausted. I know the kinds of things I like to explore-and how I can add in some spontaneous adventure along the way.

When we set out, we have some vague mental pictures of where we are going. We don’t however have any idea who we will meet, what we will experience or how our confidence will grow. Even the most common daily activities (public transport, hotels and shopping) challenge you.
The value of most vacations is that there is uncovering new and rich experiences.

If you have never taken a trip alone, the go somewhere for the night and choose a place you always wanted to stay. Choose the things you love (open space, or city sights, on a farm or by the sea) allow your self to spend time with yourself . Its amazing how each small step helps you grow in confidence ,so go on give it a try