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Can we manifest the life we want?
Well, we can certainly influence our happiness, state of mind, the way we use time and how we connect. Creating a more abundant life requires some focus.
It’s usually worth thinking about what you want and why. Then doing an inventory of the areas of your life that might be out of balance and the way that you think about things.
Lack of self-worth, low confidence and negative thinking, will not lead you to what you want. However ,you can focus on one area and it will ripple out and affect the rest.
Here are the basics of what enable somone to improve thier general wellbeing . Good health influences good mental health . Good habits and behavours help increase vitality. Over time you can move towards a more optimum functioning. It means every part of our being is working in harmony, aligned and able to release and utilise the energy well.
below are the areas to consider first .
We all need to breathe, take in oxygen and nourish our lungs and cells. Many people who are stressed are depriving their bodies of this innate need.
Helps flush out toxins and cells and prevent optimistic organisms getting a hold. Thirst is a big sign that your body needs water.
Often when we discuss exercise, people conjure up images of that hour-long session in the gym. Or even re-doing Flash Dance in the local step class. The body is designed to move! and inactivity breeds ill health. Stiffness, lack of energy and general health can emerge. Prevention is better than cure and we need to prevent problems further down the line. Getting and staying mobile is important, and it needs to be daily. This could mean thinking about what you currently do day to day. Explore changing habits, for e.g walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift. Take more trips upstairs, walk to the shops, get a dog to take for walks. Basic movement can also include a range of exercise classes. Classes that show you different body movements that strengthen and tone your body. Movement also helps pump blood, toxins and water through the system.
One of the best things I did was to explore what activities I enjoyed. Rather than remain in a pattern of going to the gym because that seemed the only choice. I was so bored of the gym. My goals had also changed . So it does depend on if you have particular goals. A mix of muscle strengthening exercise, flexibility, come from the different activities we do. Aerobic movement can also get the heart in better shape.
If you live on your sofa, then set yourself a goal of five stretches a day. Start with five minutes of any kind of exercise. No more,the point is to start and get in a habit. When you have done each set, then tick the list and reflect at the end of the week on the progress you have made. The benefit of starting with small steps is that it’s helping your mind adapt. We are creatures of habit, only sometimes we need better habits! Start a new routine and after a few weeks becomes second nature.
I don’t mean diet as in food restriction, I mean thinking about what we put on the plate. A mixture of nutritional food that supports your body and mind and feeds your cells is the best option. Rather than think diet, think healthy lifestyle. I will explore the steps in another article.
Start with removing sugar and snacks, cut down or remove fizzy or diluting drinks. Not only will your system get healthier but you save money too. The more natural the food, the fewer toxins are in your system, also lighter foods can lead to feeling a lighter you.
Create the right state
What do I mean by this? I mean develop an awareness of your feelings throughout the day. What makes you feel good and what doesn’t. Decide how you want to feel and then do what helps you feel that way. Spending more time in nature walking can really help your mood. It might help you feel more peaceful, engaged and interested in other aspects of life too. Lower feelings can be activated by negative thinking or the people around us. Look at where you become out of balance (feeling good then starting to feel low). This will highlight areas to change.
Following through on activities and experiences can help you feel like your achieving something too. . Its also how you create a healthier set point. If in the gym look for some guidance about starting out. So that you can take the right steps forward. then you might need some professional help.
Use your imagination
The brain is a very powerful tool, use it well and it will serve you well. Many people have a sensitivity to the world and the day to day situations. This sensitivity can sometimes create more anxiety and stress. The first thing to notice is if the feelings come from being around others, or out shopping. Not all feelings belong to us..But we need to find better ways to discern this. One way to prevent this from happening is to start to use the brain as a scientist would.
Creating a better day…Imagine the ways you like to feel and how you want the day to unfold. Research has proven that athletes use this process in their training routines. When they are injured, they imagine the body healing, this has shown to get very good results.
If you struggle to imagine then go onto YouTube and search for guided visualisation. There are many for relaxation, healing, sleep and any other purpose you want. Some hypnotherapists do some excellent guided visualisations to help you attain your goals. I have taught many young people to use this process. The aim is to visualise what you want and how you want to feel. You can imagine feeling and being more confident or managing difficult conversations. Using it at times of test can really help. . It can take practice, but the results can be amazing.
Waking up
If you wake up and you feel low or dread, it’s imperative you work on your state. Notice where you focus your mind and with practice you can help those feelings dissipate. Meditation and mantra work is great for achieving this. After a few days, you might notice that like a cork under water at some point it bobs right back to the surface. With practice, you will be able to achieve this and see results in your life.
Change your vibration
Believe it or not when your heart beats it sends a pulse out. To create a different state and change the vibration you need to bring in things that make you feel good. Smells, sounds, people. Over time you can notice how your days changing and improving for the better.
Only allow your mind to focus on what you want, what feels good, what makes you laugh and feel happy. Negative thoughts aren’t bad, they’re just not useful. Focus can affect the things that create really enjoyable experiences. Of course, many of us may have something that upsets us, and at these times we need to share with someone so that we can feel supported. Some of these times require further support, but the key is to be aware of what’s going on in your head.
If you have been susceptible to low moods or depression, then it’s very important you take action to improve your fitness and diet. Its all interwoven .What we eat, do and who we spend time with help or hurt us. Explore the things that you don’t like, so you can find the things you do. Be aware of the thoughts that you have in your mind. Try and get support for talking through anger or feelings of powerlessness. Day to day annoyances for people who are depressed can stick and make it harder to climb out of those dark places. . Get the right amount of sleep and do some walking, running or activity that makes you feel tired. This can help your mind switch offer . Your body also needs to rest properly through the night. If you find that your head goes round in circles with intrusive thoughts, then you might benefit from CBT ,hypnosis ,coaching or NLP techniques. We can become locked in those mental states, and once we’re in that state the world starts to appear very different. If you cannot shift it get some help.
Upon awakening, I do some mindfulness or meditation, especially if I feel stress in my body. It can come in the form of pain, stiffness and awkwardness. Breathing deeply can help clear any heaviness. It can also enable you to shift from this state much quicker. It also helps increase the likelihood eliciting deeper feelings of peace and contentment. It takes practice. Keeping a log can help you track your experiences and notice any changes.
Listen to music that you love
Music has the power to elevate us, make us cry, relax or help us tap into that deeper part or yourself. If you want to feel more energetic then put on upbeat music. If you want to relax and feel more peace play classical music. I listen a lot to brain entrainment music, this is also good for relaxing me .
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