Life is about creating many different experiences. I organise experiences and best practice events, that range from a coffee morning , trips , a discussion group, events, conferences

(for a whole day ,weekend or week wellbeing holiday)

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-Some experiences are listed below-



 Professional Best Practice Events and Conferences 


Mini – Day – Weekend – Week – Retreats 

Experiences – Workshops and Wellbeing Events


 Mind Movement and Meditation



                                                  Mindful Photography walks




MMM – Is a half day workshop that covers the basics of breath, movement and meditation. It utilizes brain entrainment music , hypno-med and guided visualization . ​These workshops can be very powerful and transforming . You may become very relaxed and find you sleep better, feel calmer and more focused and with less stress and a sense of more time. ​These workshops are great for the beginner, or those who want to deepen their movement and meditation practice





Whole day workshops on Personal development

We run a variety of workshops

Change your life in 30days

The Five Ways To Wellbeing Mental Health and Wellbeing





Meditation and stress management

Other experiential workshops cover a range of themes and explore areas pertinent to what the group members want to share or key themes.




Meditation and Transformation groups

       Sundays 9-12 , further Venue and Dates TBC



These workshops give the two full hours to settling your mind body and spirit and connecting with who you truly are. They include techniques from mindfulness, meditation and CBT, NLP, Hypnosis, brain entrainment, coaching and transpersonal group-work psychology to help participants enhance their awareness, experience and create deep and lasting change. Time will be created so that participants can share their experiences of the sessions and how they might implement the strategy into their everyday lives.




Well-being workshops

Wellbeing Lifestyle Coaching  workshops can cover any area of your life, your mental health, nutrition, exercise and fitness, work life balance and relationships   Do you want to know more of how you can enhance or improve your well-being from a vast array of resources Come and join us to look at the different area of your life and how some simple steps can make you feel you are indeed making big changes.



Workshops start at £25 – £120pp

Company rates apply by consultation 2017 dates TBC



                                        Spiritual and Wellbeing Events in 2018 

Ibiza Wellbeing Trips




June 2016 was the first trip to Ibiza   We are repeated this amazing experience this year for 14 days in June 2017 This trip attracts woman who want to make new friends with people who value being spiritually and psychologically and physically open and expanded  . We have days out, trips and activity’s that open us to even more fun joy and happiness. Some meditation and movement are included . Email me for more info .