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How to manifest the life you want
Can we manifest the life we want? Well, we can certainly influence our happiness, state of mind, the way we use time and who we connect with, creating a more abundant life where you wake up feeling happy, satisfied, healthy and wealthy does however require some focus.
Manifesting a great ,happy, fulfilling and satisfying life starts with thinking about what you want and why, followed by an inventory of the different areas of your life that might . Look at those areas in terms of what works and what doesn’t. Think about if it feels balanced and what needs some adjusting.


Coaching wheels are tools that help you do this. Draw a circle, create six segments through it and then write in each segment, areas of your life such as, love, health, wellbeing, work, fun, passion, relationships/friendships, travel, spirituality, meaning etc. Then rate each area, out of ten, ten being great and one means you’re not that content in that area, this is just for your eyes so be honest, then, consider which area you would like to improve. Early 2017 I focused on my health and having more fun. I had been far too work focused and studious. It was time to get out and laugh more.
Some of the reasons we are not living the life we want
Much of our experience and what unfolds is linked to our beliefs and values. Our past experience also has an impact on what we may believe is possible.
Lack of self-worth, low confidence, low self-esteem, negative thinking, and poor behaviours will not lead you to get more of what you want. We need to be aware of these aspects of how we function so that we can minimise or steadily eradicate them and replace them with more confidence, positive and fulfilling thinking and capacity to increase it even more. When focus on one area, as one area can affect the rest.
Here’s the basic steps to consider.
Below are the basics of how we start to improve the way we feel. ALL OF THEM are valid and equally important. When reading, make a note in your journal of which areas you might be lacking in or not paying attention too. This can then help you to create a chart of what you can do daily to add to your life.




We all need to breathe, take in oxygen and nourish our lungs and cells, it’s so underrated! Yet when I teach meditation, and yes I have been guilty of this, people are barely breathing air into their lungs! Many people who are stressed are depriving their bodies of this innate need. Take a breath now, where do you feel the oxygen flow, does it remain constricted at your chest if so, breath work of a few minutes a day can really help improve your lung capacity.


Again, so many of us are not drinking enough water but fuelling our day with large buckets of coffee! Water prevents organisms getting a hold, thirst is a big sign that your body needs water. Any kind of healing or exercise involving a lot of breath work requires more fluids for days after.


Often, when we discuss exercise, people conjure up images of that hour-long session in the gym or doing Flash Dance in the local step class. The reality is, the body is designed to move and inactivity breeds ill health, stiffness, and problems further down the line. I’ve met so many people who sit at a desk all day and wonder why they have back issues and tight muscles. You need to move regularly.


Getting and staying moving is important, and it needs to be daily. I have five basic stretches I do daily or my kundalini basic warm ups. It might mean thinking about what you currently do day to day, changing habits such as walking up the stairs instead of getting the lift. Walking to the shop or getting a dog to take for walks. Basic movement can also include a range of exercise classes that show you different body movements to strengthen and tone your body.
You could set a small goal if you are fairly inactive and start there. Too many people start with goals that leave them stiff achy and tired, then for days after are too sore to go back into any kind of exercise class. I remember a few years ago doing a spinning class, it was too demanding for the level of fitness I had.


Movement also helps pump blood, toxins, and water through the system, one of the best things I did was to explore what activities I enjoyed rather than remain in a pattern of going to the gym because that seemed the only choice I had. It also depends on your particular goals, a mix of muscle strengthening exercise, mobility, flexibility, come from the different activities we do, aerobic movement can also get the heart in better shape but yoga can help elongate your muscles and help you become more flexible.


If you live mainly on your sofa, then set yourself a goal of five stretches a day or five minutes of any kind of exercise, no more, and when you have done each set, then tick the list and reflect at the end of the week on the progress you made.


Do this for 30 days only then add something new, its not about big leaps but creating new habits that become as normal as your morning cuppa.


Our bodies are like cars, they need fuel to run effectively and efficiently. What we put in our bodies can help all cells run at optimum levels, also it helps prevent any disease developing. Of course, our heritage might pre-dispose us for some illnesses, we can however prevent many of them from manifesting. A healthy diet also helps you manage any challenges in the day, these challenges are known in science as toxic loads. If we are in situations we find stressful, or around people who are negative or futile, this can add to the toxic stress, along with what we eat. Many toxins in the body will be counteracted by the anti-oxidants we consume, a good diet that has a range of colourful foods (not E numbers) will provide you with a good amount of nourishment.


Thinking about what we put on the plate, how our body responds to it and that it is providing the right source of nutrients is a great place to start. Daily changes no matter how small can help you wean off what’s really bad for you and start to provide your body with what it needs. Over time you will notice how different foods affect you. Removing sugar and snacks, fizzy drinks must be lowered or cut out completely, it’s surprising how many people start to feel better just making this small change .


Mental State
Create the right state – managing your feelings.


In order to decrease the negative thoughts and then replace them with more positive ones, you first need to develop an awareness of your feelings. In the beginning it helps to do this throughout the day. Notice what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. Then think of how you want to feel and do what helps you feel that way.


Therefore, where you notice where your mood dips, think of what was going on at the time and if you can either think differently about that event or consider if its something you can change.


Some other things that can increase your wellbeing ,good moods and feelings of satisfaction such as : Spending time in nature, walking, going for a bike ride or swim. Watch the TV less and take up a course or listen to the many internet radio talks and let your mind hear lots of new things. Since I stopped watching much television, I’ve created an extra few hours a day to do other things.


The more time you spend in activities that create a sense of calm and peace the more discerning you become and notice the subtler shifts in the way you feel.


Focus on creating the right state and following through on activities and experiences that bring feelings such as joy, happiness, and higher esteem.


The more you do this the more this becomes a more natural state.


Use your imagination


The brain is a very powerful tool, and I have found in my years of work that the most intelligent and compassionate people can also be the most anxious. They have a sensitivity to the world and the day to day situations could create more anxiety and stress for them. One way to prevent this from happening is to start to use the brain as a scientist would, imagine the ways you like to feel and how you want the day to unfold. Research has proven that athletes use this process in their mental and physical training routines and when injured even thinking of the body healing has shown to get better results. Also, if you’re fairly sensitive to the world, people, noise, energy then having a dead sea salt bath with drops of aromatherapy oil daily can help, along with periods of “you” time.


If you struggle to imagine or your mind is too busy, then go onto YouTube and get some guided visualisations for the purpose you want, listen to the music or voice first to see if you like it. Some hypnotherapists do some excellent guided visualisations to help you attain your goals of peace, clarity, focus and restful sleep.


I taught many young people to use this process and visualise feeling and being more confident and managing difficult conversations or tests and the desired state they wanted. It can take practice but the results can be amazing.


Waking up
If you wake up and you feel low or dread, it’s imperative you work on your state (or even possibly change your job or relationship). Meditation and breathing fully, can help those feelings dissipate, after a few days, you might notice that like a cork under water at some point it bobs right back to the surface. With practice, you will be able to achieve this quicker each time. Initially just taking the time to focus your mind and notice your breath, can help you to have a very different day.


Also, listen to motivational speakers on you tube or other arenas, I listen to the Law of Attraction with Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins or Ted Talks, this gets my mind focused and helps me activate the mind-set and state that I want.


Change your vibration


Unbelievably, when your heart beats it sends a pulse out, we are energy producing beings. When you think negative thoughts your energy or vibration will be emitted at a lower level, thus, you will open yourself up to more negativity, people, and situations. Knowing this is a step to taking responsibility, having the capacity to respond in ways that ultimately produce more desired states of being as well as that in others. It’s even more important to practice this when we are going through challenging times.


The more you practice the more you will notice your days changing and improving for the better.




If you have been susceptible to low moods or depression then it’s very important that you act to improve your fitness, diet and explore the things you don’t like, so that you can find the things you do. Be aware of the thoughts that you have in your mind and try and get support to talk through any issues, worries, anger or feelings of powerlessness.


Day to day annoyances for people who are depressed can stick and make it harder for them to deal with. Get the right amount of sleep and do some walking, running or activity that makes you feel tired so that your mind and body can rest properly through the night. If you find that your head goes round in circles with intrusive thoughts, then you might benefit from distraction techniques or listening to those guided meditations or speakers. We can become locked in those mental states, and once we’re in that state, the world starts to appear very different. If you cannot shift it on your own, get some help, CBT can be very good for the depressive experiences people have.




Practice moments of stillness and meditation


Yes, every article you read from me is probably going to mention developing some mindfulness skills or doing some meditation. I totally believe in the power of these activities to create better self-awareness and empowerment. Every time you have an experience that creates a feeling that doesn’t feel comfortable, you can unravel what this might be linked to and then work on clearing that energy pattern or state.


Upon awakening I do some mindfulness or meditation, especially if I feel stress in my body, it can come in the form of pain, stiffness and awkwardness. Breathing and focusing on clearing the heaviness can enable you to shift from this state much quicker as well as create deeper feelings of peace and contentment.


Do things that uplift and inspire you or create fun and joy


Joy and love are the highest vibration, increase the amounts of time you feel these feelings by doing more of the things that you love, make you laugh, inspire you and touch your heart. Below are some examples but I’m sure you will find more, just start with a few a week, or add additional moments in your day. It can be as simple as changing the TV channel and not watching the news and swinging to a channel that has comedy shows on or a film that is inspiring and touches you deeply.
I often use films and music to evoke the feelings in me if I’m feeling out of sorts but don’t know why. Sometimes there’s a build-up and we just need to relax, settle, and allow whatever isn’t shifting to appear. The more you do this, whilst breathing through any uncomfortable state the easier it will become. Don’t be afraid of feeling what you are, like the tide, the waves ebb and flow, so too do your emotions.
Write a list of all the things you enjoy, cooking, gardening, writing, helping others, fixing things, sport, watching the rain etc.


I love music, those who know me, know that I totally lose myself when I listen to trance music such as the famous Ibiza music of Café Del Mar, deep house or Buddha Bar. I play when I’m driving, at home on sunny days, sitting in the garden and drifting off mentally visualising that place on the beach I like to sit.


Music has the power to elevate us, make us cry and help us tap in to that deeper part or ourselves. If you want to feel more energetic then put on upbeat music, if you want to relax and feel more peace then classical music can do this. I listen a lot to brain entrainment or crystal bowl music, this is great for clearing energy, reviving, relaxing and creating longer lasting states that feel good.


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Get that list for 30 days written and experience improvement in your life!!!

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