MEDITATION -What Is It, What Does It Help With And The First Step

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Meditation comes from a variety of traditions and there is no requirement for faith or belief in any one of them.
Meditation has been practicing for thousands for years
Spirituality is using one’s life force or energy to create harmony ease balance love and compassion

What is meditation?

• Meditation is focused attention, focused on your breath and body
• It’s a way of switching off from the noise and static we gather or experience throughout the day
• Basic breath meditation was created by Buddha 2000 years ago
• Meditation was created to increase love and compassion
• There are many types of meditations including
• Mediation for problem solving
• Relaxing and lowering anxiety
• Meditation for lowering pain and increasing health and vitality
• Meditation for a topic or theme
• Meditation for calming and cantering

First open your mind and be willing to let it change you
Do some pre stretches or yoga as this helps fatigue the body and stretch and tight muscles that can prevent you from sitting comfortably
Sit in the easy post, cross legs and straight but relaxed spine
Sit on a cushion chair or mat
The key to meditation is consistency
Relax the body and mind
Eyes can be open or closed
Just focus on your breath and accept all that you feel from moment to moment
Notice your breath and what you feel

What does it help with?
• Helps you lower stress levels
• Helps you feel more balanced and centred
• Helps reduce stress and calm down
• Helps reduce distractions and realise fears
• Helps you become more mindful of tasks
• Helps you slow down and become more productive
• Helps you improve your life
• Helps you lower anxiety, blood pressure and slows heart rate
• Creates more joy and satisfaction
• Creates newfound focus and self-discipline
• Increases attention with people
• Helps balance your emotions and safe regulation
• Helps deepen your quest to understand meaning
• Creates more patience and tolerance

Step 1
• Watch the breath and reduce mental chatter
• This will also help you concentrate
• Set an intention
• Breath through the nose and use your abdomen when breathing in deeply ad out again. check your body as you do so. Where does it feel relaxed or tense and breath into tension and breath that tension out and breath calm in?
• Just breath and focus on your breath
• If thought come in just notice, then imagine moving them to a cloud and they drift away then take your attention back to your breath
Simple practice for focusing
• This technique is a good one to start with. You focus your mid on your breath or an object such as a candle, a flower a picture of Buddha
• Just quieten your mind and observe your thoughts and any emotions or patterns
• Topic
• To help calm and stabilise the and think of a topic or something that you have an issue with or a virtue you want to create or increase. Such as kindness love and compassion
• Set the intention to create a positive change in yourself
• This helps your mind become more positive
• Say “I would like to meditate today to become a …………………. person”
• While doing so play a simple relaxing sound. there are many online to choose from and one that instantly helps to sooth your mind and help you relax