Yin Yang Chinese 5 Elements Energy Yoga and Meditation for beginners and the over 40s – Classes Online 2020

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MMM-Mind Movement and Meditation Presents -Yin Yang Chinese 5 Element Energy Yoga and Meditation for Beginners


do you sit all day, feel sluggish and experience aches and pains? would like to improve your balance fitness and stamina? then come and join me for Yoga and Movement Therapy


Monday Wednesday and Fridays 730am-830am

Dates. New Class for Beginners Begins-Fridays 730-830 and 11.30am-12.30am Please email me to book  and get access code

if you need help setting up zoom do let me know -aimed at over 40s

first class free !!
Cost £10 per class -discount if you pay for a month at a time
through paypal/bank transfer (email me to check spaces and confirm payment)
(Deep House ,Trance and Healing music Yin Yang Energy Healing Yoga 530 class begins in September 2020 -email for more info)
I’m excited to share that I have started to deliver a Yin Yang Chinese 5 Elements, yoga for beginners . If you have never done Yoga , or its been a while since you entered a Yoga studio, come and experience this lovely style of Yoga .
Yang is dynamic, active and seeks to build and strengthen the body . The Chinese five elements can be both active passive or in flow . The classes will help you learn basic yoga moves as well as work on both a Yin and Yang  element each week. The classes are infused with QT and Reiki and help clear the day to day stressors, worries and lower energy vibes -releasing the higher energy of  love and expansion
You will be able to notice more about the differences in your body and learn to read what your body needs .
We change and grow and sometimes we need a soft Yin slow class (I do after work to get a deep stretch and relax) or a more dynamic energy raising class that Yang can offer.
Come along and find out more. Experience Yoga meditation and sound healing music.
Classes are held ONLINE and Some Live at the Burnham Positivity Centre, Nashdom Lane
A beautiful hall on a farm with lots of light and lovely to move in.  small groups only
Come and learn what Yin Yang, Chinese five elements is and how working with the meridians, healing music and meditation can help you become unstuck, fitter, stronger ,really enhance your life and help you heal. (including a whole other set of benefits for the heart, lungs, kidney’s and mind )

Email me on melgbb555@hotmail.com for more info and to secure a place and get your Zoom code

Don’t worry if you think your not flexible,  Friday Class IS AIMED AT BEGINNERS ANd all other classes are for THE OVER 40s
Also dont worry that your not not slim enough, not bendy enough. we can make it work as with a small class we can have time to learn the movement and also feel into it and notice how it feels It is meant to feel good, empowering ,heart opening as well as help you meet new people and build friendships


Once a month on Sundays the new MMM deep immersion into Yin and Yang Yoga followed by a deep relaxation £25