TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -IBIZA 2019-Part One Heading for Yoga Teacher Training

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I had been thinking about training as a yoga teacher since 2015. After 20 years of going to the gym, working out, running and doing weights a few years earlier my back gave in. I spent a good few months just about managing to get about the house. A new way of moving my body was born. After a few months I limped to the yoga studio to try and do a few bends a stretch, I left week in and week out wondering why I was even bothering. But I was determined to be able to reach my feet again, regain some strength, flexibility and balance. A month later, I was noticing a change. From then on, I did yoga a few times a week. I then, when much more able to, joined a Kundalini Yoga class and loved it.

I set myself a goal of doing yoga at least twice a week. The benefits had become more obvious and I was really enjoying experiencing a deeper sense of peace from the meditation and chanting. Something was shifting. Fast forward to 2018 and I decided that no matter the outcome I would do it. I just had to now decide what type. It was a bit bewildering, but eventually I found a few places and courses I could do.

However, things were never going to be that straightforward. In March 2019 I had a bad car accident and was once again left almost debilitated, struggling to walk and get about. But this time, no matter how much pain I was in I knew I could not just stay on the sofa and stay stiff and sore. I started with some simple stretches to ease my tight lower back and shoulder tightness and pain and then after a few months started to notice I was slowly managing more. However, the impact had also been emotional and psychological. I now had issues with my eyes, traveling about, carrying anything, going shopping, sitting at the desk for too long and had days of fatigue and pain.
I did decide though after a few months to pursue the idea of doing the teacher training. It would be a month totally off work, eating a good diet, and held in a villa on my favorate Island of Ibiza. No matter the outcome, I knew it would be a deeply healing experience.

I booked my flight, intending to stay in Ibiza town for a few days before making my way to the villa, however I was now also blighted with really painful sciatica. After a few visits to the physio and some new stretches I made my way to the airport.

I did ask myself a few times what I had done, was I deluded. I was in pain, older, fatter and not possible seeing the reality but rather only the dream, But I really knew deep down how healing Yoga was for me. How much It had made a difference to me already and just knew that I would have a good experience no matter what.

I left home to make my way to  Heathrow airport. I had some anticipation and mixed feelings. but everything flowed. And when things flow that can be a good sign. The mixed feelings were also about wondering if I had taken on more than I could handle. Was it too soon after the car accident?  t had been over six months since the accident and I was still having hip and shoulder problems and still with strange sensations in my arm. I was worried I might make it worse.


And now this last month I had been off work on and off with sciatica. It was so bad some days I could barley move and in so much pain. Then as the time approached to leave my throat began to get sore.


I decided what’s the worst that can happen? .I had paid for my trip and was about to  fly to somewhere hot and sunny and stay in a villa for a month.  If I don’t feel to good and can’t do as much as id’ have hoped,  then that would have to be ok.


I knew that once I got to the  villa where the training was taking place, I would be ok to settle for a few weeks, rest and relax in between learning about yoga in more depth.


I spent the first few days exploring Ibiza town and taking pictures but by day two my glands got much worse and went to see the doctor.


Now I was getting worried. However knowing how the law of attraction works remaining worried wasn’t  going to help. So, I decided to rest up, do some reiki on myself sleep and see what happened. By day 4 I was due to meet the yoga teacher to take us to the villa, I was feeling a bit better


We arrived the first day to a beautiful villa. I met many of the woman and the energy felt so calm and relaxing. We were to do an opening ceremony and get to know each other better-already I felt a shift taking place