TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -IBIZA 2019 Yoga Teacher Training -Part Two-Emerging Hope and Transformation

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Week two
For the first two weeks I struggled. It was intense. But I loved the woman staying at the villa, the food, the small trips we did to the beach and I wasn’t falling asleep at every opportunity now. By the end of week two of the Yang Yoga not only was I feeling stronger and fitter but also a felt a new sense of hope-that indeed my body fitness and minds can change. I hadn’t realised how stuck and unmotivated I had become and as much as this was painful, and I didn’t want to get up some days I knew that I had to make the best of this opportunity.
I also felt my energy shift and something I hadn’t felt for a few years was this dynamic feeling. I used to feel this fully when I was delivering the mental health training. It’s when I felt most alive and in flow. I enjoyed the interactions with the people . Helping people, move past what they knew and building on their skills and understating. Any teaching brings up that same feeling for me. I enjoy seeing people grow and thrive and now I was experiencing the true benefits of having stuck with something every day.
It had also made me realise what I like to experience to really feel the value of a holiday. What the basic components need to be. I loved the hike by the sea. The waves crashing in and breathing in sea air. I loved passing the little cafes sometimes stopping by for coffee, listening to the music as it filled the air. I liked being part of a larger group wandering from conversation to conversation. Having someone cook for me and an easy time at dinner relaxing was just bliss. I started to see how the way I was doing things was changing.
Being away gives your brain space from the daily things that trouble us or fill our time. I could just be me and enjoy the flow from one thing to the next. By the Saturday I was starting to feel maybe my life was returning. This indeed was a marking point
Most of all I was starting to feel a transformation inside and out