TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -ITALY 2018-DAY #5 – Anna’s Place -Genoa

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Sadly my stay at the beautiful apartment came to and end, the time had gone too quick, I’d fallen in love with Nice and its lovely little alleys piazzas, cafes and people.


I took the train from Nice to Genoa by booking online (trainline seemed to be the best one to use) and it was beautiful. It was hours of coastal villages, sea and sunshine. I like trains, yet rarely travel on them but this is a nice way to get about, plus they are quite cheap.

In the summer it might be a lot busier but there was enough room to get a seat and not feel crowded.

Once in Genoa I was able to get help to find out how to go from Genoa Principal station to Brignole station across the other side of the city. The apartment, was only around the corner (well up a hill) from the station was too far now with a case and backpack in tow.

I opted to spend 7e as my arm couldn’t take more lugging of a case. It turned out Genoa is a city of hills and my beautiful apartment was right at the top of one of them. The taxi could only get so far up the narrow winding streets.

The apartment complex has its own entry so you had to do the last 100 yards up another steep hill. Bless the taxi driver, he took pity and ran with my case to the main door.


I arrived and buzzed the bell host .I was met by Anna, a warm and lovely lady. We both piled into a quaint elevator that took us up to sixth floor, while I wondered if I should use it on my own. I got the instructions about how many times to turn the keys in the door (which was lengthy) and how to use the lift. I was then shown to the room. I was in paradise, we walked onto the veranda and I discovered the most beautiful scene.

Right at the entrance to my room the doors swung open and I could see for miles across the city. I knew I was going to enjoy just sitting there. I asked where the local supermarket was. She informed me it was either uphill ( a very steep hill) or down (then back up if by foot) to the town . I decided that was a trip to do first as i’m not sure how long I would last after waking at 4am that day. That hill by the way was the steepest ive walked since I lived in Wales. My heart nearly burst out of my chest a few times. Its amazing what you’ll do if there’s a bottle of red waiting at the shop along with whatever necessity’s you need. Three days later and im now super fit!

Seeing Genoa in a few days was going to be impossible as this place is very rich with history. I decided to opt for a tourist hop on bus which saved me navigating not just a strange town, but the steep inclines too.. The main shopping street is very steep, so get your comfy shoes on and lungs at the ready. It was another beautiful day and I took the bus round the main route. It was lovely just sitting there and absorbing the sights and sounds of the city. It wasn’t as amazing as it was in Nice. I’d had it good too soon !!

Three days later and I’m hopping back on the train to make my way down the coast…