TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -ITALY 2018- A Poem for Sorrento

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Sorrento, the beautiful coast of olive trees

and lemons that fill the air with a luscious scent

tourists trecking through the streets

church doors open calling us to repent


further down the road

I’m charmed by a handsome man to come and eat

Art hangs from all the walls

And I have worn and tired feet


He stares right into my eyes

kisses my hand and flirts a while

We laugh and joke together

this man is oozing style


Its like we have known each other for eons

I hear a whisper ,bella open your heart and you will see

for a moment our hands entwine

its just him and me


Everything else disappears

i’m in suspended in time

I then feel waves of joy rolling in

The moments all mine


exhilaration of life wells up inside

he reminds me of passions so deep

vortex’s spinning and stars shining bright

Love was the seed I sowed and now something that I reap


He beckons further that I follow him in

and taste the forbidden fruit

his heart is warm and luxurious

Can I resist a man  wearing a suit!


His eyes are warm and cheeky

His face is worn but kind

this man tugs at my heart

and penetrates my mind


the sun is setting in the sky

boats drift come back to shore

bottles pop open

and there is something more…………