TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -Writing An Appreciation Diary

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One of the ways to improve your mood, focus, your energy and invite more wonderful things into your experience is to do an appreciation diary

It is also really useful to capture what you appreciate so that you can read them again , to remember all the small things that really do chear you up and help you feel great about the world . Over time this can help increase good moods, wellbeing and overall health benefits.

I kept one on my trip of what I loved and appreciated:

Travelling by train-staring out of the window as I watched mile and miles of coastline go by

The really nice sheets on the bed

The high ceilings and beautiful room I had in Genoa

The freedom I felt doing my own things every day

How things just unfolded most of the time.

The space to write and Be

To be able to walk and manage the hills

The amazing views form my room and the hotel

The beautiful churches I entered in Chiavari and Sorrento

The lovely people that served me coffee and drove the tour busses

The lemon chicken I had in Sorrento

The artist who talked through his work in San Agnello

The painter who drew symbols on his t-shirts

The man in the shop that made us all laugh when we were sipping on Limoncello

Martin who helps me manage my website and its content

Tom who gave me the course to try that I used quite a few times while away to manage some moments of fear and anxiety

The lovely people I chatted with ,Chanel from Australia, Lisa in San Agnello, Luigi in the English Inn, David and Anna (Airbnb) Suzan,Debbie, Jenifer and Louise who I met on the tour bus to Amalfi and got to know (beautiful souls) Ray and Chris from Canada (firefighters) Celine the tour guide in Nice

I also really appreciate modern technology , google maps and translate were my go to apps . Its so much easier to travel, get about, get access to money and stay connected and safe than it was 20 years ago.

To the woman who raised girls and helped them spread their wings and travel.

There are so many things I was appreciative of and even reflecting on them makes my heart swell.

And when I got home it was also lovely to see my friends all eager to catch up with me .


my list grows and grows ………………….