2017 Steps to Start To Transform Your LIfe

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Hello, everyone, I’m writing this post from the beautiful coastline of Weymouth, I have been able to spend time after the hectic Christmas preparations with some of my lovely friends and have found myself relaxing more and more.


I’ve been pondering on the new year and thinking how many of us will be either glad to see the back of 2016 or looking forward to lighter days, new inspirations and possibly planning new ways to improve our health and wellbeing.


I have mixed feelings about 2016, I had a year of incredible contrasts, but life was changing all the same. What I did get, were results from my consistent efforts to improve what I could in all aspects of my life. As many coaches know, improving one area can have an impact on all areas of your life.


As many of you also know wellbeing and spirituality, is at the heart of everything I do and over the last few years, I worked with a range of professionals to help explore and implement programs and projects that enhance our wellbeing.


Maybe you’re thinking of how you can improve life in 2017, well, what we think, feel, eat, do, and who we hang out with, all impact our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing more than many of us realise. Science is now providing evidence to back up many things that only a few people had faith in, such as Dr Emoto’s work on water crystals, meditation, the law of attraction, positive, intentions and power of prayer.


So my challenge, for the first 30 days, is for you to look at these various areas of your life and start to up, by at least 10%, those things that enhance it. Check out the Five Ways To Wellbeing www.fivewaystowellbeing.org and look at each area and decide what ways you can start to improve your life more. I’m assuming more, as many people discount what they do already that works and where they are getting results, therefore it’s also important to look at this.

Some examples might change one meal to a more healthy one, spend more time with people who make you laugh, challenge yourself to explore a new place.


This article is not about New Year’s resolutions; it’s about taking one small step daily in your life that over time will become a more normal behavior that has positive consequences.


2017 is going to be a powerful and positive year for many of you, start the process by deciding what will get your energy and focus. Below are some ideas for the 30-day challenge (it takes at least 30 days for the mind to integrate and habitualise a new practice). You can also log into my 30 day FB page as this is where I post articles that highlight something that will enhance your health and wellbeing.


Five stretches a day (you can do at home)
One outdoor activity a week you enjoy
Try one new healthy recipe a week
Meditate five minutes a day and add more time only after 30 days
Practice some mindful activities
Buy a beautiful journal and write three things that went well each day
Smile more
Watch or listen to an inspiring talk (see Ted talks)
Read any of the links I post and notice what you’re drawn to uncover more.


In addition to theses, notice what thoughts you have going around your head and if these are negative and particularly hard to shift, try a mantra, say quietly, “my mind is calm, my heart is at peace, and my body is relaxed”. Say at least 20 times; this can eventually help reduce negative mind chatter and train your brain into new neural pathways. Or: “I Am calm, I Am Peace; I am Relaxed” (even if you’re not) notice any resistance to this.


I started my kundalini class over two years ago and started with the decision that as long as I do one class a week, then it’ll feel like I’ve met my goal. I have to balance activity and rest due to the impact stress had on my thyroid. The small steps help create a baseline so you know what you can achieve, change and manage, then add to it month by month.


Too many people start the new year with focusing on changes or activities that are unrealistic, hard to maintain or to demanding on the body, leaving them feeling deflated (let alone sore and achy). You don’t need this cycle. Also regular, but small shifts help trick the brain and reduce the need for finding that elusive motivation. Tracking what makes you feel good and doing more of it is all you need to do, log in your journal your daily activities or goals met, as reviewing what you did over the month can help you if you dip.


A happy new year to you all! Blessings for health wealth and happiness.
Sat Nam