The Importance of the Seven Chackras

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The Importance of the Seven Chakras

With our extensive work in the field of the seven major chakras, we have learned that people have at least a couple of chakras dysfunctional unless they have done a tremendous amount of personal work, meditation or journaling.

Each chakra represents an aspect of higher consciousness that is essential to a person’s life. As a system, the seven chakras integrate a person’s mind, body and spirit; and each has a physical, emotional, creative, and celestial component. At a basic level, a person’s emotional and physical health is directly dependent on well-functioning chakras.

Chakra Balancing

Any distortion in a person’s chakra balancing can sooner or later negatively impact them physically. Likewise, if they make a correction to their chakra balancing, a corresponding change will be present in their body. It’s that simple. Whenever we block an experience because it was unpleasant or emotional, we also block the corresponding positive emotion that we gain by a well-functioning chakra. It may get clogged with stagnant energy and spin irregularly or in the wrong direction.

When our chakras become distorted it usually means we are creating a reality that we believe to be valid, but in actuality is something we have indeed fabricated from our earlier experiences. These lies and the act of being dishonest with ourselves can minimize us and take away our positive energy—the outcome, many times, can lead to diminished health. That’s because we send out a distorted vision of the world and the world gives us exactly what we’re projecting.

It can be challenging  to live life more fully—despite the past—by opening ourselves to the powerful energy field where we can affect our own profound healing experiences. For instance, when our heart chakra is closed to minimize pain, we can become a catalyst for a slew of unhealthy relationships as well as heart, breast and lung conditions. And when we detach from who we are and what we feel, our solar plexus chakra can be harmed and we can set ourselves up for painful stomach ailments, gastric reflux, even diabetes.

Recharge Your Chakras

Energy healing is the vehicle that recharges chakras from being clogged with stagnate energy and from spinning irregularly or in the wrong direction. Ideally, your chakras should spin gently and consistently in an energy exchange and be similar in shape and size to one another.
If you are purposely tuning out your internal guidance for fear that it will overwhelm you in terms of changes that might be needed for your wellbeing, consider learning more about Deborah’s chakra balancing. Her weekly video show and workshops will give you life-changing information.

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