Mel & Danielle Podcasts -Bridging Psychology and Spirituality -The Major Arcana -The Fool

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Welcome to Mel adn Danielle’s podcast series . This covers the Tarot and the major arcana . We start with the first card the fool

This episode covers the first step taken in the Major Arcana and The Journey of the Fool and The transition they make though each card ending with the world
We help people understand how we can utilise the tarot deck and see into each card, for the images symbols and colours and how these evoke our own unconscious ideas and memories and help us understand where we are at and how to bring the best from each card, its meaning and what it evokes for us as we also move forward in our own journey
Danielle explores the meaning of the Fool and how it helps us start to tap into our inner desires, inner child and how those qualities help us
We also look at how each card resonates for us and our lives