TRAVELS WITH MY CAMERA -IBIZA 2019 and Yoga Teacher Training-Part Three -The First Week

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I now write about my experience as  a student and trainer.

The first three days we were learning the traditional sun salutations and also how to use the body when carrying out the poses. It was really touch as I hadn’t done full salutations for over a year. I had only been doing Yin Yoga daily but even then, it was gentle as my body was still healing. Day one and two I wondered what I had signed up for, did I want to do this

However, all the other factors kept me going, the other woman in the villa are so nice. I have a lovely roommate and the food is amazing. The teacher is really knowledgeable and between grunting aching and getting frustrated, I’m laughing and relaxing. I became aware that I was expecting too much of myself.

After the morning practice we all sat down to breakfast and their felt utter bliss. The sun shone and we could see the mountains and here the sea. I could feel the food was fresh and so healthy and my body would get all the nutrients it needed.

For a moment I looked at my phone and I saw the number 11.11. I really like numerology so looked up the meaning. 11.11 is about manifesting and manifestation, new beginnings and striving forward in self-leadership positivity, inspiration and achieving success. It was a little motivation I needed. I always warn us to be very aware of our persistent thoughts and not to allow the negative ones to take hold. As when we are able to raise our vibration, we ca manifest at a higher rate and faster speed and I didn’t need more pain aches or feelings of despondency. No take hold f your feelings and think how I might start to feel stronger fitter and healthier by the time I leave instead.