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Change, shift and transform


Can we  change ,shift and even transform, even in a pandemic, when were in the heart of uncertainty ? Can we manifest the life we want?


Well, we can certainly influence our happiness, state of mind, the way we use time and who we connect with. Creating a more abundant life where you wake up feeling happy, satisfied, healthy and wealthy requires some steps.

It’s usually worth thinking about what you want and why, then creating an inventory of the areas of your life that might be out of balance, and the way that you think about things.

Lack of self-worth, low confidence, low self-esteem, negative thinking and poor behaviours will not lead you to what you want. It might be that you can focus on one area and it will affect the rest.


The basics


Oxygen: We all need to breath, take in oxygen and nourish our lungs and cells. Many people who are stressed are depriving their bodies of this innate need.


Hydration: Water helps flush out toxins and cells, and prevent optimistic organisms getting a hold. Thirst is a big sign that your body needs water.


Exercise: Often when we discuss exercise, people conjure up images of that hour long session in the gym or doing Flashdance in the local step class. The point is, is that the body is designed to move, and inactivity breeds ill health, stiffness and problems further down the line. Getting and staying moving is really important as is doing something daily.


It might mean changing habits, for example, walking up the stairs instead of using the lift, having more trips upstairs, walking to the shop, getting a dog to take for walks etc. Basic movement can also include a range of exercise classes that show you different body movements to strengthen and tone your body. The movement also helps pump blood, toxins and water through the system.


One of the best things I did was to explore what activities I enjoyed rather than remain in a pattern of going to the gym because that seemed the only choice. It also helps if you have a goal in mind.


A mix of muscle strengthening exercise, mobility, flexibility and tone come from the different activities we do. Aerobic movement can also get the heart in better shape.


I practice and teach both Yin and Yang Yoga to help me shift and use my body, especially as now i work from home and sat on the sofa most of the day


Diet: I don’t mean diet as in food restriction. I mean thinking about what we put on the plate. A mixture of nutritional food that supports your body and mind and feeds your cells is the best option. Rather than think diet, think healthy lifestyle. Sometimes some people need to start with small steps to create lasting changes. I will explore the steps in another article.

The more natural the food, the fewer toxins are in your system. Also, lighter foods can lead to feeling like a lighter you.


Create the right state: What do I mean by this? I mean develop an awareness of your feelings throughout the day. What raises them and what lowers them.

Decide how you want to feel, and do what helps you feel that way. That might mean spending more time walking in nature, as it might help you feel more peaceful, or feeling engaged and interested (that can also come from taking up a course). Lower feelings can be activated by negative thinking or the people around us, so look at where these feelings seem to start.


Creating the right state and following through on activities and experiences that bring lighter, happier feelings is the key to elevating your mood to a more regular set point.


If this you cannot achieve this by yourself, then you might need some professional help.


Use your imagination: The brain is a very powerful tool, and I have found in my years of work that the most intelligent people can also be the most anxious. They have a sensitivity to the world and day to day situations that can create more anxiety and stress for them. One way to prevent this from happening is by starting to use the brain as a scientist would.

Imagine the ways you like to feel and how you want the day to unfold, or how you want to come across in an interview. Research has shown that athletes use this process in their training routines and when injured even thinking of the body healing has shown to get better results. I taught many young people to use this process and visualise them feeling and being more confident in managing difficult conversations or tests.


If you struggle to imagine or your mind is too busy, then go onto YouTube and get some guided visualisation for the purpose you want. Some hypnotherapists do some excellent guided visualisations to help you attain your goals.


Waking up: If you wake up and you feel low or dread, it is imperative you work on your state.


Meditation and breathing fully, where you focus your mind can help those feelings dissipate. After a few days, you might notice that like a cork under water, at some point your mood bobs right back to the surface. With practice, you will be able to achieve this.


Change your vibration: Believe it or not, when your heart beats it sends a pulse out. Create a different state and change the vibration of what is being sent out. The more you practice, the more you will notice your days changing.


Focus: Only allow your mind to focus on what you want, what feels good what makes you laugh and feel happy. Negative thoughts aren’t bad, they’re just not useful and will affect the things that could go really positively. Of course, many of us have something that upsets us, and at these times we need to share with someone so that we can feel supported. Some of these times require further support, but the key is to be aware of what’s going on in your head.


Depression: If you have been susceptible to low mood or depression then it is very important that you take action to improve your fitness, diet and explore the things that you don’t like so you can find the things that you do like.


Be aware of the thoughts that you have in your mind and try and get support for talking through anger or feelings of powerlessness. These day to day annoyances for people who are depressed can stick like glue and make it harder to climb out of them.


Get the right amount of sleep and do some walking, running or activity that makes you feel tired so that your mind and body can rest properly through the night. If you find that your head goes around in circles with intrusive thoughts, then you might benefit from distraction techniques.


We can become locked in those mental states, and once in there the world starts to appear very differently. If you cannot shift it, get some help. CBT can be very good for the depressive experiences people have.


Practice moments of stillness and meditation. Even when washing up or sorting through papers you can slow down your thoughts and focus on the feel of the paper, the sound it makes, the feelings this evokes; what do you notice? Feeling of anticipation? If you are working with letters, do you feel fear, curiosity or excitement? Practising doing things mindfully is another way to prevent overwhelm and a deeper sense of meaning.


Music and sound healing therapy has been shown to alter the brain states, allowing for a slowing down of thoughts and deeper feelings of relaxation to occur. Experiment with different sounds and mindfully tune in, switching off all other distractions.


It’s not what you do that important, it is creating new daily habits that long term can change your life.