Welcome to my website and blogs.
This website was created to help introduce you to a variety of topics that support , develop and transform your health and wellbeing.
It covers a range of topics taken from psychology spirituality philosophy and personal development
You can explore the different areas of the website ,that I have also explored in my 30 year journey from my original training as a therapist , ideas that can help you towards having good mental health and wellbeing and an amazing life.
If you would like to dive in and consider your life and how you can not only improve it, but transform it, then dive into the main box My Roadmap to Wellbeing and Personal transformation.
Or you can go to the different topics read what captures your attention and interests you .
These topics are explored in more depth in the tabs and through the blogs. The information and links on these topics support spiritual development, mental health and wellbeing, the law of attraction, the power of sound and healing and some of my photography.
We heal when we combine and integrate our head, heart and spirit through sound, words and imagery .
We generate better health when we start to explore those things that light us up, pique our interest and make us feel good. For some that is through art, music, writing, meditation, yoga ,learning something new or setting new goals.


                                                                                      “If we keep doing the same thing , we get what we always got”


At times I also include some of the psychology underpinning those topics.
My site also contains up to date information about services I offer and the now live online Yin Yang Chinese Five Element Yoga classes.
Topics are introduced using the main tabs and through my blogs
The blogs introduce you to the main themes on health and wellbeing and the new journey I started to take in 2016 called Flying@50
It’s where I started to make some changes and begin a new journey along with Travels With My Camera, where I take my passion for photography and capture the things that light me up and MMM, which covers all activities and information about the mind body and spirit in practice .
In 2020 as Covid started to impact all of our lives I started to take my camera closer to home
I also include articles by other authors and links on the law of attraction, spirituality, mental health, yoga, meditation and general personal development.
Some of these will have been written by other people in the field of health wellbeing ,spirituality, personal development and transformation
If you would like to know more or have a personal session to explore your own transformational journey, then do please contact me.
If you would like to find out more or work with me then please send me an email to melgbb555@hotmail.com


I started to write ,travel and explore more when I turned 50 . I started to consider all that has been and where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do and to explore my passions in a much deeper way.  After my sons left home and I left what became a stressful job in 2016, I took myself off and began Travels With My Camera.
In 2018 I had the opportunity to take a few months out to travel alone through France and Italy. I was able to explore and write about beautiful places, immersing myself in my thoughts and desires whilst meeting some really interesting people. I write about that in The Journey and Travels With My Camera and some of what I discovered in the process.


In 2019 time stopped and I was forced to really slow down after a car accident . From that point on I had to do what I could to work on my physical mental and emotional health and recovery. Later that year I went on to train as a yoga teacher and further develop my healing skills . The accident forced me to look deeper into trauma and how it affects and is stored in the mind and body and some of the safer ways we can process this . Something I will be writing about more as the months go by.


In 2020 of course the world was impacted by COVID and everything and everyone was impacted in some way. STILL LIFE was born. Life slowed down tremendously and as many of us did, I began to consider and navigate life in a whole new way. Still Life if in process and runs through some of the new articles and blogs I am in the process of writing .
As much as my writing is about change and transformation and what is possible, it was hard to escape or ignore some of the much darker things that I felt and started to experience and witness.


Rapid unexpected change brings about shock, grief, anger and anxiety, no matter how well informed, intelligent or aspiring you are.


Every facet of our being was being brought to the light, about the way we think about politics, health, wellbeing, other people and what this evokes in us, as well as how do we meet our basic needs and manage our livelihoods. I knew my experiences were going to help me and other understand how deep collective and personal traumas were now rising up to be healed .However :
If there ever was a time to find what makes you feel better, good, positive and inspired, it is now.


While at the same time acknowledging and accepting what has been triggered and deep down how we feel- life moves through us whilst we try to maintain this balance, it’s ever more important to navigate this bumpy and unknown terrain, call on those who help you in this process and find ways to move though these coming times. I hope some of what I write or the links that I share help you do just that. May peace be with you always.