Welcome to the this part of my website and blogs that capture my own personal journey’s reflections and ways I capture those  –Flying@50, Travels with My Camera , Still Life 2020.

I began Flying@50 when I entered a new decade, surpassing my 40s and now entering my 50s. I entered it with wonder, hope and inspiration, along with a passion to evolve my photography, yoga, writing, music and travel.  My boys had grown up and I had left a job of 13 years. It was time to reflect and review on the experiences that had got me to this point but more importantly think about where I wanted to go.   These blogs cover some of the trips in both the UK and Europe, thoughts inspired by the photos I take and the evolvement of my yoga practice.

 I started to travel more from about 2014 and by 2016 bought myself a new camera and took it everywhere I went. While visiting more places and capturing those moments through the lens or written word inspired me to do more.

I also wanted to equally inspire friends, colleagues and clients to also do the some-tap into their deepest nature and passions.

This is a growing body of work, experiences, reflections and insights, where I bring both my professional knowledge in psychology, personal interests in alternative practice, research and reflections.

I wanted to write about the topics I am passionate about, that have consumed over 30 years of my life. I also wanted to travel more and capture scenes I saw that lit me up and evoked deeper reflections. Some of what’s been captured so far are after leaving my job in 2016 that had become imbalanced and stressful and took time off to visit many parts of the South Coast.

In 2018 I embarked on a tour starting in Nice France, then taking the train across to Genoa, Cinq Terre region, Rome, Naples and Sorrento. It was my first trip travelling alone through several countries.

In 2019 I embarked on a deeper spiritual journey by pursuing the yoga teacher training I had been considering doing since 2015 this is covered in MMM

And 2020 where I started to notice a shift. I was just starting to teach yoga; my experience of photography was changing, and I was now travelling less. I felt the need to stay more local and spend time at home.

With the outbreak of Covid here and then with lockdown in March 2020


Still Life-Everything came to a standstill.

Matters of mental health and wellbeing came up more strongly again, in my work and personal life.

How I approached it

I took my bike out, got on the road with my camera and started to find ways to enjoy the sense of freedom still in such tight limitations, things I might capture with my camera and ideas about not just the continued evolvement as a woman but now the changes in society, relationships and work .

My journey sine being a child has always been related my sense of womanhood, freedom, independence and discovering new things, and now this year things would change tremendously. I have written in previous times about change, transition, finding new ways of being. Sometimes those things are through decisions we make and sometimes they are forced upon us.

                                                 2020 was the mark of many changes taking place totally outside of our control

Journaling observations

Through each step I was noticing the impact that this was having on those close to me, people at work and in my community. Initially, I found it almost impossible to write and find anything to take a photo of.

The Impact -It felt as if all inspiration had been crumpled. However, I knew this is what happens when something happens that we are not expecting and the process that occurs. Silence stillness and utilising every skill became a necessary function. And over the weeks I will be writing about these things more. 

For many of us we live life with little reflection on the way we carry out our roles, responsibility’s and interact with the people around us

Now everything was slowing right down, where we were bearing witness to each of these small steps, navigating both our internal and external worlds.


We live in constant process of change 

In the past I have also written about sometimes change needs to happen, but we ignore the signs. The something happens and it feels as if the changes are forced on us and we in turn are forced to move into action and consider things such as, don’t like our jobs, or where we live, have outgrown the friendships or the things we do. Sometimes the changes are just necessary

Sometimes however, we just don’t know what it is that we need to do next. We can leave the things we don’t want yet to feel really unclear about what we do want.

But for many as the news showed signs that things were getting alarming, fear and anxiety was ignited, and they needed to find whatever they could to manage this new and unexpected situation.

This is a page where I share what continue to capture and evolve -I hope you enjoy

Apply The Breaks 

So, before we can do anything else, we tap into our innate survival mechanisms and do what we need to protect our families and livelihoods, whilst managing all that this has evoked.  Before you read what can happen at times like this. This website was born from an innate desire to share with others some of the basics to feeling good. Finding what helps your health happiness and wellbeing. It’s a small portion of many of the things that can do just that. therefore, please see this website as a page that can introduce you to something you may have not heard of before or tried. Now more than ever we have a need to reflect on where we are now, what we can do to lessen the fear anxiety and continue to not just survive but thrive. Therefore, my posts are aimed at that, interjected at times with those darker experiences along with some of the research or psychology behind them. take what appeals right now, knowing your mental health and wellbeing is the most important thing to maintain as well as the methods you need to deploy to have the finance you need to have the things that are important to you.

While change is happening …..

You have to create the desired future…

In the process we can be presented with a whole host of thoughts and feelings that lure us back into the known ,no matter how outdated it is for our Soul, our brain likes to take us back to those safe and known places, no matter how damaging that can be.  But if our Soul and life is calling us into action, we will only be able to ignore it for so long, as I also discovered.

Like many others do, in 2016, after 20 years in my field, I too knew that deep down I wasn’t feeling the same about my life and my work. I was tired stressed and often bored. My sons were now grown up and I was now in a position where I could start to think about what I wanted for me. It can be difficult to re-evaluate life, while sat on the same sofa with the same things calling your attention.